AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-10kernel-selftest: no longer skip ldflags QAThomas Perrot
2024-02-10etcd-cpp-apiv3: no longer skip ldflags QAThomas Perrot
2024-02-10dvb-apps: no longer skip ldflags QAThomas Perrot
2023-12-21networkmanager: fix some missing pkgconfigThomas Perrot
2023-12-18networkmanager: add missing modemmanager rdependsThomas Perrot
2023-05-23networkmanager: Turn ppp support into a packageconfig optionThomas Perrot
2022-10-18xfce4-settings: upgrade 4.16.2 -> 4.16.3Thomas Perrot
2022-10-05spitools: remove unused BPV variableThomas Perrot
2022-05-24nbd: update 3.20 -> 3.24Thomas Perrot
2022-02-09breakpad: fix branch for gtest in SRC_URIThomas Perrot
2021-01-11influxdb: add new recipeThomas Perrot
2020-12-08openocd: disable the support of ccacheThomas Perrot
2016-12-26makedumpfile: add ARM into COMPATIBLE_HOSTThomas PERROT