BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermbedtls: upgrade to 2.8.0Johannes Pointner6 hours
master-nextmbedtls: upgrade to 2.8.0Johannes Pointner12 days
rocko-nextpython3-asn1crypto: add support for Python 3Ricardo Salveti5 weeks
rockopython-automat: fix build dependencies to avoid download during do_compileDerek Straka6 weeks
pyro-nextopencv: fix runtime dependencies.Ismo Puustinen6 months
pyrosip: update recipe to 4.19.2.Philip Balister6 months
mortyzile: fix do_installMartin Jansa9 months
morty-nextzile: fix do_installMartin Jansa9 months
krogothpcsc-lite: Seperate GPLV3 portions from BSDDavis, Michael18 months
krogoth-nextpcsc-lite: Seperate GPLV3 portions from BSDDavis, Michael18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hoursmbedtls: upgrade to 2.8.0HEADmasterJohannes Pointner1-11/+16
6 hourswireshark: update to 2.4.6 and add upstream checkArmin Kuster1-3/+5
6 hourslowpan-tools: Switch to using github src_uri and fix build with gcc8Khem Raj2-2/+33
6 hoursyp-tools: Upgrade to 4.2.3Khem Raj3-63/+6
6 hourswpan-tools: Add recipeKhem Raj1-0/+18
6 hoursnetworkmanager: Fix many typos in DISTRO_FEATURES PACKAGECONFIG decodesArmin Kuster1-3/+4
6 hoursnetworkmanager: fix gobject-introspection/musl and cleanupAndreas Müller13-329/+317
12 dayscrda: fix typo in patch metadataMikko Rapeli1-1/+1
12 dayscrda: refresh patchYi Zhao1-7/+14
12 daysxdebug: update to 2.6.0Armin Kuster1-2/+2