AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-03-02Use wpa-supplicant 0.4.8. This still does not fix issues connecting one of th...mdietze/nylonMartin Dietze
2014-01-03Added forgotten patch.Martin Dietze
2014-01-03Fixed wpa supplicant: madwifi was not activated.Martin Dietze
2013-03-02nylon: fixed the names of default wlan devices.Martin Dietze
2013-03-02nylong-config: fixed postinst script to not fail if httpd is not yet runningMartin Dietze
2013-03-02base-files: no longer create empty /etc/resolve.conf on nylonMartin Dietze
2013-03-02mtd-utils: re-added older version 20041113 for nylonMartin Dietze
2013-03-02elvis: patched out color configuration from iniMartin Dietze
2013-03-02hostap-conf: removed file hostap_cs.modalias for nylon.Martin Dietze
2013-03-02nylon-scripts: fixed wireless-extras script (needs /bin/bash, not /bin/sh)Martin Dietze
2013-03-02buxybox: added nylon specific files to version 1.13.2Martin Dietze
2013-03-02nylon-feed: removed some unbuildable packages from the nylon feed.Martin Dietze
2013-03-02libcgicc: fixed download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02openswan: fixed download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02nylon: removed recipe for nylon-image-miniMartin Dietze
2013-03-02busybox: fixed download url fo rversion 1.13.2.Martin Dietze
2013-03-02iproute: fixed download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02base-passwd: fix download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02nylon: preferred versions for glibc-initialMartin Dietze
2013-03-02linux-mtx-[12]: fixed name of kernel compiler for nylonMartin Dietze
2013-03-02openssl: install header files into stagingMartin Dietze
2013-03-02usbutils: add build dependency to usblibMartin Dietze
2013-03-02hostap-daemon: fixed dependencies for nylonMartin Dietze
2013-03-02chillispot: fixed download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02dash: moved the patch dash_0.5.2-6.diff into the repo as it is no longer down...Martin Dietze
2013-03-02base.bbclass: removed sunsite.ust.hk and aymura.org from gnu mirrors and adde...Martin Dietze
2013-03-02lsof: fixed download url for version 4.78Martin Dietze
2013-03-02maradns: fixed download url for versoin 1.0.41Martin Dietze
2013-03-02pmacct: fixed download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02stunnel: fixed download urlMartin Dietze
2013-03-02binutils 2.16: hard-coded download-URL to avoid getting stuck at sunsite.ust.hkMartin Dietze
2013-03-02pkg-utils: fixed download pathMartin Dietze
2013-03-02fakeroot: fixed download path for version 1.12.1Martin Dietze
2013-03-02gnutls: fixed download pathMartin Dietze
2013-03-02update-rc.d: fixed download URL.Martin Dietze
2013-03-02linux-mtx-[12]: fixed kernel download pathMartin Dietze
2013-03-02nylon: preferred version for usbutils and libusbMartin Dietze
2013-03-02base-files: fixed path to some files (seems to be compatibility problem with ...Martin Dietze
2013-03-02elvis: versoin 2.2.1pre (unreleased version)Martin Dietze
2013-03-02Fixed build of perl-native (link libraries)Martin Dietze
2013-03-02openssl-native: don't install man pagesMartin Dietze
2013-03-02Openssl version 0.9.8mMartin Dietze
2013-03-02xproto-native: now also explicitly depends on util-macros-nativeMartin Dietze
2013-03-02xorg-util: use the cross compiler instead of gcc in configure scriptsMartin Dietze
2013-03-02guile-native: added -P option to cpp to unbreak doc generationMartin Dietze
2013-03-02glibc: fixed QA problemsMartin Dietze
2013-03-02Nylon: revert 819027217b03953a55f9667d39ad7b77551d7417 (which derived Nylon f...Martin Dietze
2013-03-02linux-mtx-[12]: fixed patch from c5bada13d58d5a6a99f59d84e2b1cb8802a01695 - n...Martin Dietze
2013-03-02linux-mtx-[12]-2.4.27: support bash4 for oldconfigMartin Dietze
2013-03-02Revert "image.bbclass: reorder do_rootfs"Richard Purdie