AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-06build-appliance-image: Update to langdale head revisionyocto-4.1.22022-10.2-langdale2022-10.2Richard Purdie
2023-01-06oeqa/concurrencytest: Add number of failures to summary outputRichard Purdie
2023-01-06valgrind: skip the boost_thread test on armRandy MacLeod
2023-01-06qemuboot.bbclass: make sure runqemu boots bundled initramfs kernel imageJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa
2023-01-06libxml2: fix test data checksumsMartin Jansa
2023-01-06systemd: Make importd depend on glib-2.0 againMarek Vasut
2023-01-06devtool/upgrade: correctly handle recipes where S is a subdir of upstream treeAlexander Kanavin
2023-01-06curl: Correct LICENSE from MIT-open-group to curlRanjitsinh Rathod
2023-01-06libepoxy: remove upstreamed patchRoss Burton
2023-01-06go-crosssdk: avoid host contamination by GOCACHERobert Andersson
2023-01-06baremetal-image: Avoid overriding qemu variables from IMAGE_CLASSESAlejandro Hernandez Samaniego
2023-01-06openssh: remove RRECOMMENDS to rng-tools for sshd packageXiangyu Chen
2023-01-06gstreamer1.0: upgrade 1.20.4 -> 1.20.5Wang Mingyu
2023-01-06help2man: upgrade 1.49.2 -> 1.49.3Wang Mingyu
2023-01-06cmake: update 3.24.0 -> 3.24.2Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-06tzdata: update 2022d -> 2022gAlexander Kanavin
2023-01-06ruby: update 3.1.2 -> 3.1.3Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-06ruby: merge .inc into .bbAlexander Kanavin
2023-01-06libnewt: update 0.52.21 -> 0.52.23Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-06libpng: upgrade 1.6.38 -> 1.6.39Wang Mingyu
2023-01-06opkg: upgrade to version 0.6.1Alex Stewart
2023-01-06binutils: Add patch to fix CVE-2022-4285pgowda
2023-01-06cairo: update patch for CVE-2019-6461 with upstream solutionQuentin Schulz
2022-12-23yocto-check-layer: Allow OE-Core to be testedRichard Purdie
2022-12-23combo-layer: add sync-revs commandRoss Burton
2022-12-23combo-layer: dont use bb.utils.renameRoss Burton
2022-12-23combo-layer: remove unused importRoss Burton
2022-12-23oeqa/selftest/externalsrc: add test for srctree_hash_filesPeter Marko
2022-12-23externalsrc: fix lookup for .gitmodulesPeter Marko
2022-12-23lib/buildstats: fix parsing of trees with reduced_proc_pressure directoriesRoss Burton
2022-12-23kernel.bbclass: remove empty module directories to prevent QA issuesOvidiu Panait
2022-12-23rm_work: adjust dependency to make do_rm_work_all depend on do_rm_workChen Qi
2022-12-23libdrm: Remove libdrm-kms packageSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2022-12-23qemu: Ensure libpng dependency is deterministicRichard Purdie
2022-12-23lsof: add update-alternatives logicAlex Stewart
2022-12-23xwayland: libxshmfence is needed when dri3 is enabledCarlos Alberto Lopez Perez
2022-12-23bc: extend to nativesdkChen Qi
2022-12-23oeqa/selftest/tinfoil: Add test for separate config_data with recipe_parse_fi...Richard Purdie
2022-12-23psplash: consider the situation of psplash not exist for systemdChen Qi
2022-12-23classes: make TOOLCHAIN more permissive for kernelAlexey Smirnov
2022-12-23glibc-tests: correctly pull in the actual tests when installing -ptest packageAlexander Kanavin
2022-12-23go: Update reproducibility patch to fix panic errorsRyan Eatmon
2022-12-23scripts: convert-overrides: Allow command-line customizationsJoshua Watt
2022-12-23kbd: Don't build testsOla x Nilsson
2022-12-14opkg: Set correct info_dir and status_file in opkg.confHarald Seiler
2022-12-14mpfr: upgrade 4.1.0 -> 4.1.1Wang Mingyu
2022-12-14libxcrypt-compat: upgrade 4.4.30 -> 4.4.33Wang Mingyu
2022-12-12bind: upgrade 9.18.8 -> 9.18.9Wang Mingyu
2022-12-12vim: upgrade 9.0.0820 -> 9.0.0947Qiu, Zheng
2022-12-12dbus: Add missing CVE product nameMathieu Dubois-Briand