AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-26build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revisionyocto-4.0.72022-04.7-kirkstone2022-04.7Richard Purdie
2023-01-23openssl: fix CVE-2022-3996 double locking leads to denial of serviceVivek Kumbhar
2023-01-19selftest/virgl: use pkg-config from the hostAlexander Kanavin
2023-01-19lib/oe/reproducible: Use git log without gpg signatureBenoît Mauduit
2023-01-19at: Change when files are copiedSaul Wold
2023-01-19toolchain-scripts: compatibility with unbound variable protectionJan Kircher
2023-01-19libseccomp: fix typo in DESCRIPTIONChen Qi
2023-01-19dhcpcd: backport two patches to fix runtime errorChen Qi
2023-01-19harfbuzz: remove bindir only if it existsPetr Kubizňák
2023-01-19tiff: Add packageconfig knob for webpKhem Raj
2023-01-19kernel-fitimage: Allow user to select dtb when multiple dtb existsSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2023-01-19kernel-fitimage: Adjust order of dtb/dtbo filesSandeep Gundlupet Raju
2023-01-19busybox: rm temporary files if do_compile was interruptedAntonin Godard
2023-01-19busybox: always start do_compile with orig config filesAntonin Godard
2023-01-19classes: image: Set empty weak default IMAGE_LINGUASAlex Kiernan
2023-01-19gcc: Refactor linker patches and fix linker on arm with usrmergePavel Zhukov
2023-01-19vim: upgrade 9.0.0947 -> 9.0.1211Randy MacLeod
2023-01-19linux-yocto/5.15: powerpc: Fix reschedule bug in KUAP-unlocked user copyBruce Ashfield
2023-01-19linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.84Bruce Ashfield
2023-01-19linux-yocto/5.15: libbpf: Fix build warning on ref_ctr_offBruce Ashfield
2023-01-19linux-yocto/5.15: fix perf build with clangBruce Ashfield
2023-01-19linux-yocto/5.15: ltp and squashfs fixesBruce Ashfield
2023-01-19xserver-xorg: upgrade 21.1.4 -> 21.1.6Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-19xwayland: upgrade 22.1.5 -> 22.1.7Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-19linux-firmware: upgrade 20221109 -> 20221214Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-19libksba: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3Alexander Kanavin
2023-01-19Revert "libksba: fix CVE-2022-47629"Steve Sakoman
2023-01-19lttng-modules: update 2.13.7 -> 2.13.8He Zhe
2023-01-19cairo: fix CVE patches assigned wrong CVE numberQuentin Schulz
2023-01-19cve-check: write the cve manifest to IMGDEPLOYDIRJermain Horsman
2023-01-19cve-update-db-native: show IP on failureRoss Burton
2023-01-19cve-update-db-native: avoid incomplete updatesMarta Rybczynska
2023-01-19ffmpeg: fix for CVE-2022-3341Narpat Mali
2023-01-19go: fix CVE-2022-41717 Excessive memory use in got serverHitendra Prajapati
2023-01-16gtk-icon-cache: Fix GTKIC_CMD if-else conditionDaniel Gomez
2023-01-16freetype:update mirror site.KARN JYE LAU
2023-01-16glibc: stable 2.35 branch updates.Yash Shinde
2023-01-16libksba: fix CVE-2022-47629Yogita Urade
2023-01-16python3-git: fix for CVE-2022-24439Narpat Mali
2023-01-16python3-wheel: fix for CVE-2022-40898Narpat Mali
2023-01-16python3-setuptools: fix for CVE-2022-40897Narpat Mali
2023-01-16qemu: Fix CVE-2022-4144Bhabu Bindu
2023-01-16ffmpeg: refresh patches to apply cleanlyMartin Jansa
2023-01-12devtool: process local files only for the main branchAlexander Kanavin
2023-01-12gstreamer1.0: Fix race conditions in gstbin testsJose Quaresma
2023-01-12Revert "gstreamer1.0: disable flaky gstbin:test_watch_for_state_change test"Jose Quaresma
2023-01-12oeqa/ Increase timeout and add debug outputPavel Zhukov
2023-01-12rm_work.bbclass: use HOSTTOOLS 'rm' binary exclusivelyLuis
2023-01-12base.bbclass: Fix way to check ccache pathChangqing Li
2023-01-12bind: upgrade 9.18.9 -> 9.18.10Wang Mingyu