AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-07build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revisionyocto-4.0.122022-04.12-kirkstone2022-04.12Steve Sakoman
2023-08-03gcc: fix runpath errors in cc1 binarySteve Sakoman
2023-08-02openssl: Upgrade 3.0.9 -> 3.0.10Peter Marko
2023-08-02gcc : upgrade to v11.4Sundeep KOKKONDA
2023-08-02cve-update-nvd2-native: always pass str for json.loads()Yuta Hayama
2023-08-02go: fix CVE-2023-24531Sakib Sajal
2023-08-02go: fix CVE-2023-24536Sakib Sajal
2023-08-01qemu: fix CVE-2023-2861Archana Polampalli
2023-08-01qemu: fix CVE-2023-3255Archana Polampalli
2023-08-01qemu: fix CVE-2023-3301Archana Polampalli
2023-07-31libarchive: ignore CVE-2023-30571Peter Marko
2023-07-31libpcre2: patch CVE-2022-41409Peter Marko
2023-07-31util-linux: add alternative links for ipcs,ipcrmBenjamin Bouvier
2023-07-31openssl: use a glob on the PERLEXTERNAL to track updates on the pathJose Quaresma
2023-07-31openssl: add PERLEXTERNAL path to test its existenceJose Quaresma
2023-07-31oeqa/selftest/devtool: add unit test for "devtool add -b"Yoann Congal
2023-07-31oeqa/runtime/cases/rpm: fix wait_for_no_process_for_user failure caseRoss Burton
2023-07-31meson.bbclass: Point to llvm-config from native sysrootKhem Raj
2023-07-31python3: fix missing comma in get_module_deps3.pyRoss Burton
2023-07-31mdadm: skip running known broken ptestsOvidiu Panait
2023-07-31mdadm: fix segfaults when running ptestsOvidiu Panait
2023-07-31mdadm: fix 07revert-inplace ptestOvidiu Panait
2023-07-31mdadm: fix util-linux ptest dependencyOvidiu Panait
2023-07-31uboot-extlinux-config.bbclass: fix old override syntax in commentQuentin Schulz
2023-07-31systemd-systemctl: fix errors in instance name expansionYuta Hayama
2023-07-31recipetool: Fix inherit in created -native* recipesYoann Congal
2023-07-31kernel: add missing path to search for debug filesAndrej Valek
2023-07-31libxcrypt: fix build with perl-5.38 and use master branchMartin Jansa
2023-07-28lttng-ust: upgrade 2.13.5 -> 2.13.6Wang Mingyu
2023-07-28libksba: upgrade 1.6.3 -> 1.6.4Wang Mingyu
2023-07-28libassuan: upgrade 2.5.5 -> 2.5.6Wang Mingyu
2023-07-28diffutils: update 3.9 -> 3.10Alexander Kanavin
2023-07-28python3: upgrade 3.10.9 -> 3.10.12Tim Orling
2023-07-28dmidecode: fix CVE-2023-30630Yogita Urade
2023-07-28openssh: fix CVE-2023-38408Archana Polampalli
2023-07-26libtiff: fix CVE-2023-26965 heap-based use after freeHitendra Prajapati
2023-07-26tiff: fix multiple CVEsHitendra Prajapati
2023-07-26go: fix CVE-2023-29406 net/http insufficient sanitization of Host headerVivek Kumbhar
2023-07-25tiff: fix multiple CVEsHitendra Prajapati
2023-07-24python3: ignore CVE-2023-36632Peter Marko
2023-07-24libjpeg-turbo: patch CVE-2023-2804Peter Marko
2023-07-21package.bbclass: moving field data process before variable process in process...Xiangyu Chen
2023-07-18gcc-testsuite: Fix ppc cpu specificationRichard Purdie
2023-07-18machine/arch-arm64: add -mbranch-protection=standardRoss Burton
2023-07-18gcc: don't pass --enable-standard-branch-protectionRoss Burton
2023-07-18linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.120Bruce Ashfield
2023-07-18linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.119Bruce Ashfield
2023-07-18ghostscript: fix CVE-2023-36664Archana Polampalli
2023-07-18qemu: backport Debian patch to fix CVE-2023-0330Vijay Anusuri
2023-07-17cmake: Fix CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR setting for SDKTom Hochstein