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authorJose Quaresma <>2023-10-11 15:53:20 +0000
committerRichard Purdie <>2023-10-12 07:53:16 +0100
commitaeab27305b3f207530ad1c749f6668c0df6cbed1 (patch)
parent2245b2754d6f4798127ce85a2ab7cb48f458c1f7 (diff)
curl: 8.3.0 -> 8.4.0
curl and libcurl 8.4.0 Public curl releases: 252 Command line options: 258 curl_easy_setopt() options: 303 Public functions in libcurl: 93 Contributors: 2995 This release includes the following changes: o curl: add support for the IPFS protocols via HTTP gateway [46] o curl_multi_get_handles: get easy handles from a multi handle [20] o mingw: delete support for legacy toolchain [45] This release includes the following bugfixes: o acinclude.m4: Document proper system truststore on FreeBSD [83] o appveyor: fix yamlint issues, indent [67] o appveyor: rewrite batch in PowerShell + CI improvements [109] o autotools: adjust `CURL_CA_PATH` value to CMake [53] o autotools: restore `HAVE_IOCTL_*` detections [111] o base64: also build for curl [78] o bufq: remove Curl_bufq_skip_and_shift (unused) [47] o build: delete checks for C89 standard headers [65] o build: do not publish `HAVE_BORINGSSL`, `HAVE_AWSLC` macros [114] o cf-socket: simulate slow/blocked receives in debug [120] o cmake, configure: also link with CoreServices [32] o cmake: add check for suseconds_t [91] o cmake: add feature checks for `memrchr` and `getifaddrs` [57] o cmake: add missing checks [86] o cmake: delete old `HAVE_LDAP_URL_PARSE` logic [105] o cmake: detect `HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME_MONOTONIC_RAW` [75] o cmake: detect `HAVE_GETADDRINFO_THREADSAFE` [76] o cmake: detect `sys/wait.h` and `netinet/udp.h` [61] o cmake: detect TLS-SRP in OpenSSL/wolfSSL/GnuTLS [93] o cmake: disable unity mode with Windows Unicode + TrackMemory [108] o cmake: fix `HAVE_LDAP_SSL`, `HAVE_LDAP_URL_PARSE` on non-Windows [110] o cmake: fix `HAVE_WRITABLE_ARGV` detection [77] o cmake: fix duplicate symbols when linking tests [73] o cmake: fix missing `zlib.h` when compiling `libcurltool` [72] o cmake: fix stderr initialization in unity builds [71] o cmake: fix the help text to the static build option in CMakeLists.txt [10] o cmake: fix unity builds for more build combinations [96] o cmake: fix unity symbol collisions in h2 builds [48] o cmake: fix unity with Windows Unicode + TrackMemory [107] o cmake: improve OpenLDAP builds [92] o cmake: lib `CURL_STATICLIB` fixes (Windows) [74] o cmake: move global headers to specific checks [58] o cmake: pre-cache `HAVE_BASENAME` for mingw-w64 and MSVC [85] o cmake: pre-cache `HAVE_POLL_FINE` on Windows [36] o cmake: tidy-up `NOT_NEED_LBER_H` detection o cmake: validate `CURL_DEFAULT_SSL_BACKEND` config value [50] o configure: check for the capath by default [63] o configure: remove unused checks [87] o configure: replace adhoc domain with `localhost` in tests [79] o configure: sort AC_CHECK_FUNCS o connect: expire the timeout when trying next [54] o connect: only start the happy eyeballs timer when needed [95] o cookie: do not store the expire or max-age strings [16] o cookie: remove unnecessary struct fields [17] o cookie: set ->running in cookie_init even if data is NULL [5] o create-dirs.d: clarify it also uses --output-dirs [66] o curl.h: mark CURLSSLBACKEND_NSS as deprecated since 8.3.0 [18] o curl_easy_pause.3: mention h2/h3 buffering [113] o curl_easy_pause.3: mention it works within callbacks [112] o curl_easy_pause: set "in callback" true on exit if true [100] o CURLOPT_DEBUGFUNCTION.3: warn about internal handles [122] o docs/libcurl/opts/ add missing manpage files o docs: adapt SEE ALSO sections to new requirements [52] o docs: explain how PINNEDPUBLICKEY is independent of VERIFYPEER [68] o docs: replace made up domains with [82] o docs: update curl man page references [89] o docs: use CURLSSLBACKEND_NONE [19] o doh: inherit DEBUGFUNCTION/DATA [12] o escape: replace Curl_isunreserved with ISUNRESERVED [2] o FAQ: How do I upgrade curl.exe in Windows? [84] o GHA/linux: run singleuse to detect single-use global functions [35] o GHA: add workflow to compare configure vs cmake outputs [102] o h2-proxy: remove left-over mistake in drain_tunnel() [7] o h2: testcase and fix for pausing h2 streams [49] o h3: add support for ngtcp2 with AWS-LC builds [103] o http2: refused stream handling for retry [121] o http: fix CURL_DISABLE_BEARER_AUTH breakage [28] o http: h1/h2 proxy unification [21] o http: remove wrong comment for http_should_fail [55] o http: use per-request counter to check too large headers [6] o http_aws_sigv4: fix sorting with empty parts [13] o idn: fix WinIDN null ptr deref on bad host [90] o idn: if idn2_check_version returns NULL, return error [27] o inet_ntop: add typecast to silence Coverity [51] o lib: disambiguate Curl_client_write flag semantics [24] o lib: enable hmac for digest as well [26] o lib: failf/infof compiler warnings [8] o lib: let the max filesize option stop too big transfers too [44] o lib: move handling of `data->req.writer_stack` into Curl_client_write() [97] o lib: provide and use Curl_hexencode [62] o lib: remove TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME [88] o lib: use wrapper for curl_mime_data fseek callback [30] o libssh2: fix error message on failed pubkey-from-file [22] o libssh: cap SFTP packet size sent [14] o always set `CURL_STATICLIB` for lib (Windows) [42] o change domain to [11] o misc: better random strings [15] o MQTT: improve receive of ACKs [125] o multi: do CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM at two more places [99] o multi: fix small timeouts [70] o multi: remove Curl_multi_dump [37] o multi: round the timeout up to prevent early wakeups [98] o multi: set CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM after switch to DOING_MORE [115] o openssl: improve ssl shutdown handling [69] o openssl: use X509_ALGOR_get0 instead of reaching into X509_ALGOR [104] o pytest: exclude test_03_goaway in CI runs due to timing dependency [23] o quic: set ciphers/curves the same way regular TLS does [43] o quiche: fix build error with --with-ca-fallback [1] o updated coming release dates o runtests: display the test status if tests appear hung [81] o runtests: eliminate a warning on old perl versions o socks: return error if hostname too long for remote resolve [118] o src/mkhelp: make generated code pass `checksrc` [59] o test1056: disable on Windows o test1474: disable test on NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris 10 [31] o test1592: greatly increase the maximum test timeout o test1903: actually verify the cookies after the test [116] o test1906: set a lower timeout since it's hit on Windows [117] o test2600: remove special case handling for USE_ALARM_TIMEOUT [3] o test650: fix an end tag typo o test661: return from test early in case of curl error o test: add missing <feature>s o tests: close the shell used to start sshd [41] o tests: fix a race condition in ftp server disconnect [101] o tests: fix compiler warnings [38] o tests: Fix zombie processes left behind by FTP tests. [80] o tests: improve SLOWDOWN test reliability by reducing sent data o tests: increase lib571 timeout from 3s to 30s [106] o tests: log the test result code after each libtest o tests: propagate errors in libtests o tests: set --expect100-timeout to improve test reliability o tests: show which curl tool `` is using [60] o tests: stop overriding the lock timeout o tftpd: always use curl's own tftp.h [25] o tool: use our own stderr variable [94] o tool_cb_wrt: fix debug assertion [4] o tool_getparam: accept variable expansion on file names too [123] o tool_setopt: remove unused function tool_setopt_flags [56] o upload-file.d: describe the file name slash/backslash handling [9] o url: fall back to http/https proxy env-variable if ws/wss not set [119] o url: fix netrc info message [39] o warnless: remove unused functions [33] o wolfssh: do cleanup in Curl_ssh_cleanup [40] o wolfssl: allow capath with CURLOPT_CAINFO_BLOB [29] o wolfssl: if CURLOPT_CAINFO_BLOB is set, ignore the CA files [34] o wolfssl: ignore errors in CA path [64] Signed-off-by: Jose Quaresma <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
-rw-r--r--meta/recipes-support/curl/ (renamed from meta/recipes-support/curl/
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/meta/recipes-support/curl/ b/meta/recipes-support/curl/
index 646ac01914..5f97730bf4 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-support/curl/
+++ b/meta/recipes-support/curl/
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ SRC_URI = " \
file://run-ptest \
file://disable-tests \
-SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "376d627767d6c4f05105ab6d497b0d9aba7111770dd9d995225478209c37ea63"
+SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "16c62a9c4af0f703d28bda6d7bbf37ba47055ad3414d70dec63e2e6336f2a82d"
# Curl has used many names over the years...
CVE_PRODUCT = "haxx:curl haxx:libcurl curl:curl curl:libcurl libcurl:libcurl daniel_stenberg:curl"