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authorLee Chee Yang <>2023-12-15 17:40:21 +0800
committerRichard Purdie <>2023-12-21 10:38:31 +0000
commit44f4e93d25f208d0be4c53d02113b7d0ebfffa4a (patch)
parent5e58737c66090fe009ec49296f3e7d687eb05766 (diff)
curl: update to 8.5.0
update include fix for CVE-2023-46218. skip test 1477 which check that libcurl-errors.3 and the public header files have the same set of error codes. Notes: This test is not included in the source tarball. Release Notes: curl and libcurl 8.5.0 Public curl releases: 253 Command line options: 258 curl_easy_setopt() options: 303 Public functions in libcurl: 93 Contributors: 3039 This release includes the following changes: o gnutls: support CURLSSLOPT_NATIVE_CA [31] o HTTP3: ngtcp2 builds are no longer experimental [77] This release includes the following bugfixes: o appveyor: make VS2008-built curl tool runnable [93] o asyn-thread: use pipe instead of socketpair for IPC when available [4] o autotools: accept linker flags via `CURL_LDFLAGS_{LIB,BIN}` [128] o autotools: avoid passing `LDFLAGS` twice to libcurl [127] o autotools: delete LCC compiler support bits [137] o autotools: fix/improve gcc and Apple clang version detection [136] o autotools: stop setting `-std=gnu89` with `--enable-warnings` [135] o autotools: update references to deleted `crypt-auth` option [46] o BINDINGS: add V binding [54] o build: add `src/.checksrc` to source tarball [1] o build: add more picky warnings and fix them [172] o build: always revert `#pragma GCC diagnostic` after use [143] o build: delete `HAVE_STDINT_H` and `HAVE_INTTYPES_H` [107] o build: delete support bits for obsolete Windows compilers [106] o build: fix 'threadsafe' feature detection for older gcc [19] o build: fix builds that disable protocols but not digest auth [174] o build: fix compiler warning with auths disabled [85] o build: fix libssh2 + `CURL_DISABLE_DIGEST_AUTH` + `CURL_DISABLE_AWS` [120] o build: picky warning updates [125] o build: require Windows XP or newer [86] o cfilter: provide call to tell connection to forget a socket [65] o support #line instructions o CI: add autotools, out-of-tree, debug build to distro check job [14] o CI: ignore test 286 on Appveyor gcc 9 build [6] o cmake: add `CURL_DISABLE_BINDLOCAL` option [146] o cmake: add test for `DISABLE` options, add `CURL_DISABLE_HEADERS_API` [138] o cmake: dedupe Windows system libs [114] o cmake: fix `HAVE_H_ERRNO_ASSIGNABLE` detection [2] o cmake: fix CURL_DISABLE_GETOPTIONS [12] o cmake: fix multiple include of CURL package [96] o cmake: fix OpenSSL quic detection in quiche builds [56] o cmake: option to disable install & drop `curlu` target when unused [72] o cmake: pre-fill rest of detection values for Windows [50] o cmake: replace `check_library_exists_concat()` [23] o cmake: speed up threads setup for Windows [68] o cmake: speed up zstd detection [69] o config-win32: set `HAVE_SNPRINTF` for mingw-w64 [123] o configure: better --disable-http [80] o configure: check for the fseeko declaration too [55] o conncache: use the closure handle when disconnecting surplus connections [173] o content_encoding: make Curl_all_content_encodings allocless [101] o cookie: lowercase the domain names before PSL checks [160] o curl.h: delete Symbian OS references [162] o curl.h: on FreeBSD include sys/param.h instead of osreldate.h [21] o curl.rc: switch out the copyright symbol for plain ASCII [167] o curl: improved IPFS and IPNS URL support [87] o curl_easy_duphandle.3: clarify how HSTS and alt-svc are duped [99] o Curl_http_body: cleanup properly when Curl_getformdata errors [152] o curl_setup: disallow Windows IPv6 builds missing getaddrinfo [57] o curl_sspi: support more revocation error names in error messages [95] o CURLINFO_PRETRANSFER_TIME_T.3: fix time explanation [181] o CURLMOPT_MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS: make sure the set value is within range [165] o CURLOPT_CAINFO_BLOB.3: explain what CURL_BLOB_COPY does [113] o CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION.3: clarify libcurl returns for CURL_WRITEFUNC_ERROR [45] o CURPOST_POSTFIELDS.3: add CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS in SEE ALSO o docs/example/keepalive.c: show TCP keep-alive options [73] o docs/example/localport.c: show off CURLOPT_LOCALPORT [83] o docs/examples/interface.c: show CURLOPT_INTERFACE use [84] o docs/libcurl: fix three minor man page format mistakes [26] o docs/libcurl: SYNSOPSIS cleanup [150] o docs: add supported version for the json write-out [92] o docs: clarify that curl passes on input unfiltered [47] o docs: fix function typo in curl_easy_option_next.3 [36] o docs: KNOWN_BUGS cleanup o docs: make all examples in all libcurl man pages compile [175] o docs: preserve the modification date when copying the prebuilt man page [89] o docs: remove bold from some man page SYNOPSIS sections [90] o docs: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for generated manpages [16] o doh: provide better return code for responses w/o addresses [133] o doh: use PIPEWAIT when HTTP/2 is attempted [63] o duphandle: also free 'outcurl->cookies' in error path [122] o duphandle: make dupset() not return with pointers to old alloced data [109] o duphandle: use strdup to clone *COPYPOSTFIELDS if size is not set [132] o easy: in duphandle, init the cookies for the new handle [131] o easy: remove duplicate wolfSSH init call [37] o easy_lock: add a pthread_mutex_t fallback [13] o examples/rtsp-options.c: add [157] o fopen: create new file using old file's mode [153] o fopen: create short(er) temporary file name [155] o getenv: PlayStation doesn't have getenv() [41] o GHA: move mod_h2 version in CI to v2.0.25 [43] o hostip: show the list of IPs when resolving is done [35] o hostip: silence compiler warning `-Wparentheses-equality` [62] o hsts: skip single-dot hostname [67] o HTTP/2, HTTP/3: handle detach of onoing transfers [134] o http2: header conversion tightening [33] o http2: provide an error callback and failf the message [53] o http2: safer invocation of populate_binsettings [8] o http: allow longer HTTP/2 request method names [112] o http: avoid Expect: 100-continue if Upgrade: is used [15] o http: consider resume with CURLOPT_FAILONERRROR and 416 to be fine [81] o http: fix `-Wunused-parameter` with no auth and no proxy [149] o http: fix `-Wunused-variable` compiler warning [115] o http: fix empty-body warning [76] o http_aws_sigv4: canonicalise valueless query params [88] o hyper: temporarily remove HTTP/2 support [139] o INSTALL: update list of ports and CPU archs o IPFS: fix IPFS_PATH and file parsing [119] o keylog: disable if unused [145] o lib: add and use Curl_strndup() [97] o lib: apache style infof and trace macros/functions [71] o lib: fix gcc warning in printf call [7] o libcurl-errors.3: sync with current public headers [156] o libcurl-thread.3: simplify the TLS section [79] o drop vc10, vc11 and vc12 projects from dist [103] o fix `-rtmp` option for non-Windows o mime: store "form escape" as a single bit [170] o misc: fix -Walloc-size warnings [118] o msh3: error when built with CURL_DISABLE_SOCKETPAIR set [61] o multi: during ratelimit multi_getsock should return no sockets [182] o multi: use pipe instead of socketpair to *wakeup() [18] o ngtcp2: fix races in stream handling [178] o ngtcp2: ignore errors on unknown streams [158] o ntlm_wb: use pipe instead of socketpair when possible [44] o openldap: move the alloc of ldapconninfo to *connect() [29] o openldap: set the callback argument in oldap_do [30] o openssl: avoid BN_num_bits() NULL pointer derefs [9] o openssl: fix building with v3 `no-deprecated` + add CI test [161] o openssl: fix infof() to avoid compiler warning for %s with null [70] o openssl: identify the "quictls" backend correctly [82] o openssl: include SIG and KEM algorithms in verbose [52] o openssl: make CURLSSLOPT_NATIVE_CA import Windows intermediate CAs [58] o openssl: two multi pointer checks should probably rather be asserts [91] o openssl: when a session-ID is reused, skip OCSP stapling [142] o page-footer: clarify exit code 25 [51] o projects: add VC14.20 project files [104] o pytest: use lower count in repeat tests [98] o quic: make eyeballers connect retries stop at weird replies [140] o quic: manage connection idle timeouts [5] o quiche: use quiche_conn_peer_transport_params() [116] o rand: fix build error with autotools + LibreSSL [111] o resolve.d: drop a multi use-sentence [100] o RTSP: improved RTP parser [32] o rustls: implement connect_blocking [154] o sasl: fix `-Wunused-function` compiler warning [124] o schannel: add CA cache support for files and memory blobs [121] o setopt: check CURLOPT_TFTP_BLKSIZE range on set [171] o setopt: remove outdated cookie comment [64] o setopt: remove superfluous use of ternary expressions [169] o socks: better buffer size checks for socks4a user and hostname [20] o socks: make SOCKS5 use the CURLOPT_IPRESOLVE choice [38] o symbols-in-versions: the CLOSEPOLICY options are deprecated o test1683: remove commented-out check alternatives o test3103: add missing quotes around a test tag attribute o test613: stop showing an error on missing output file o tests/README: SOCKS tests are not using OpenSSH, it has its own server [48] o tests/server: add more SOCKS5 handshake error checking [27] o tests: Fix Windows test helper tool search & use it for handle64 [17] o tidy-up: casing typos, delete unused Windows version aliases [144] o tool: fix --capath when proxy support is disabled [28] o tool: support bold headers in Windows [117] o tool_cb_hdr: add an additional parsing check [129] o tool_cb_prg: make the carriage return fit for wide progress bars [159] o tool_cb_wrt: fix write output for very old Windows versions [24] o tool_getparam: limit --rate to be smaller than number of ms [3] o tool_operate: do not mix memory models [108] o tool_operate: fix links in ipfs errors [22] o tool_parsecfg: make warning output propose double-quoting [164] o tool_urlglob: fix build for old gcc versions [25] o tool_urlglob: make multiply() bail out on negative values [11] o tool_writeout_json: fix JSON encoding of non-ascii bytes [179] o transfer: abort pause send when connection is marked for closing [183] o transfer: avoid calling the read callback again after EOF [130] o transfer: only reset the FTP wildcard engine in CLEAR state [42] o url: don't touch the multi handle when closing internal handles [40] o url: find scheme with a "perfect hash" [141] o url: fix `-Wzero-length-array` with no protocols [147] o url: fix builds with `CURL_DISABLE_HTTP` [148] o url: protocol handler lookup tidy-up [66] o url: proxy ssl connection reuse fix [94] o urlapi: avoid null deref if setting blank host to url encode [75] o urlapi: skip appending NULL pointer query [74] o urlapi: when URL encoding the fragment, pass in the right length [59] o urldata: make maxconnects a 32 bit value [166] o urldata: move async resolver state from easy handle to connectdata [34] o urldata: move cookielist from UserDefined to UrlState [126] o urldata: move hstslist from 'set' to 'state' [105] o urldata: move the 'internal' boolean to the state struct [39] o vssh: remove the #ifdef for Curl_ssh_init, use empty macro o vtls: cleanup SSL config management [78] o vtls: consistently use typedef names for OpenSSL structs [176] o vtls: late clone of connection ssl config [60] o vtls: use ALPN "http/1.1" for HTTP/1.x, including HTTP/1.0 [102] o VULN-DISCLOSURE-POLICY: escape sequences are not a security flaw [110] o windows: use built-in `_WIN32` macro to detect Windows [163] o wolfssh: remove redundant static prototypes [168] o wolfssl: add default case for wolfssl_connect_step1 switch [49] o wolfssl: require WOLFSSL_SYS_CA_CERTS for loading system CA [10] Signed-off-by: Lee Chee Yang <> Signed-off-by: Alexandre Belloni <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
-rw-r--r--meta/recipes-support/curl/ (renamed from meta/recipes-support/curl/
2 files changed, 3 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/meta/recipes-support/curl/curl/disable-tests b/meta/recipes-support/curl/curl/disable-tests
index fdac795662..833c640001 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-support/curl/curl/disable-tests
+++ b/meta/recipes-support/curl/curl/disable-tests
@@ -7,8 +7,9 @@
-# These CRL tests are scnning headers
+# These CRL tests are scanning headers
# These CRL tests are scanning man pages
diff --git a/meta/recipes-support/curl/ b/meta/recipes-support/curl/
index 5f97730bf4..115ec7189f 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-support/curl/
+++ b/meta/recipes-support/curl/
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ SRC_URI = " \
file://run-ptest \
file://disable-tests \
-SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "16c62a9c4af0f703d28bda6d7bbf37ba47055ad3414d70dec63e2e6336f2a82d"
+SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "42ab8db9e20d8290a3b633e7fbb3cec15db34df65fd1015ef8ac1e4723750eeb"
# Curl has used many names over the years...
CVE_PRODUCT = "haxx:curl haxx:libcurl curl:curl curl:libcurl libcurl:libcurl daniel_stenberg:curl"