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* oeqa/utils/decorators: LogResults fix race condition in linkfileAníbal Limón2016-09-151-0/+14
* lib/oeqa/decorators: handle broken links when creating new symlinkRoss Burton2016-07-251-1/+1
* classes/lib: Complete transition to python3Richard Purdie2016-06-021-1/+16
* classes/lib: Update to match python3 iter requirementsRichard Purdie2016-06-021-1/+1
* oeqa/decorators: Use wraps consistentlyRichard Purdie2016-05-141-1/+4
* oeqa/utils/decorators: fix missing keyword arguments on decoratorsPaul Eggleton2015-10-271-8/+8
* oeqa/utils/decorators: Append the testname without the full pathLeonardo Sandoval2015-10-011-0/+4
* oeqa/decorators: Fixed a problem with decorator logs link.Lucian Musat2015-09-291-7/+5
* oeqa/decorators: Add timestamp to decorator logs.Lucian Musat2015-09-281-2/+15
* oeqa/decorators: Added decorator to restart the DUT in case of test hang.Lucian Musat2015-09-151-0/+25
* oeqa/decorators: Fixed a problem with tests having the same names.Lucian Musat2015-09-061-4/+6
* testimage: filter proper test cases by tagszjh2015-09-031-1/+33
* oeqa/utils: Added timeout decorator for testcases.Lucian Musat2015-06-111-0/+26
* oeqa/utils/decorators: Fix up frame selectionNathan Rossi2015-04-211-1/+3
* testimage: sort modules based on dependenciesPatrick Ohly2015-04-091-0/+1
* oeqa/utils/decorators: Try and improve ugly _ErrorHandler tracebacksRichard Purdie2015-01-231-8/+15
* oeqa/utils: fix testcase decorator to allow calling tests individuallyPaul Eggleton2014-12-251-0/+1
* oeqa/utils: replace some tabs with spacesPaul Eggleton2014-12-251-42/+42
* oeqa/utils: Added filter to LogResults decorator to enforce custom log level.Lucian Musat2014-09-291-0/+6
* oeqa/utils/decorators.py: add import osCorneliu Stoicescu2014-08-021-0/+1
* oeqa: Refactor test skipping decorators to use the unittest result objectLucian Musat2014-07-251-6/+34
* Added testcase decorator to use in logging. Added class decorator LogResults ...Lucian Musat2014-07-031-0/+66
* lib/oeqa: add oeTest superclassStefan Stanacar2013-11-041-5/+5
* lib/oeqa/utils: decorators: return the decorated methodMihai Lindner2013-08-261-3/+3
* lib/oeqa: fix dependecy checkStefan Stanacar2013-07-151-1/+3
* testimage.bbclass, lib/oeqa: add headers and commentsStefan Stanacar2013-07-151-0/+8
* lib/oeqa/utils/decorators.py: decorators for test methodsRadu Moisan2013-07-091-0/+40