AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-29bitbake: Bump to version 2.2.0yocto-4.12022-10-langdale2.2.0Richard Purdie
2022-09-29utils: Add enable_loopback_networking()Mattias Jernberg
2022-09-29doc: bitbake-user-manual: Add definition for BB_PRESSURE_MAX variablesAryaman Gupta
2022-09-29fetch2/ fix checkstatusPascal Bach
2022-09-22bitbake-user-manual: mention pydevshell in OEMichael Opdenacker
2022-09-21fetch2/crate fixup c212b0f3 loglevelJose Quaresma
2022-09-21lib/bb: warning when the debug message is invalidJose Quaresma
2022-09-21bitbake: Fix a few more logger debug() callsJoshua Watt
2022-09-21fetch2: Remove unneeded conditionalPaulo Neves
2022-09-07fetch2: Ensure mirror tarballs don't enforce checksumRichard Purdie
2022-09-07toaster: fix kirkstone versionOtavio Salvador
2022-09-03asyncrpc/client: Fix unix domain socket chdir race issuesRichard Purdie
2022-09-03wget: Avoid bad checksum race issuesRichard Purdie
2022-09-01Revert "fetch: use BPN instead"Richard Purdie
2022-08-31fetch: use BPN insteadMingli Yu
2022-08-31tests: Add test for possible gitsm deadlockPavel Zhukov
2022-08-31tests: Add Timeout classPavel Zhukov
2022-08-31gitsm: Error out if submodule refers to parent repoPavel Zhukov
2022-08-31Fix npm to use https rather than httpNeil Horman
2022-08-31bitbake-layers: initialize tinfoil before registering command line argumentsAlexander Kanavin
2022-08-31utils: Pass lock argument in fileslockedJoshua Watt
2022-08-24runqueue: Change pressure file warning to a noteRichard Purdie
2022-08-12BBHandler/cooker: Implement recipe and global classesRichard Purdie
2022-08-12bitbake: Add copyright headers where missingRichard Purdie
2022-08-10BBHandler: Make inherit calls more directlyRichard Purdie
2022-08-10BBHandler: Allow earlier exit for classes not foundRichard Purdie
2022-08-09build: prefix the tasks with a timestamp in the log task_orderJose Quaresma
2022-08-09runqueue: add memory pressure regulationAryaman Gupta
2022-08-09siggen: Fix insufficent entropy in sigtask file namesJoshua Watt
2022-08-07runqueue: Drop deadlock breaking force failRichard Purdie
2022-08-07runqueue: Improve deadlock warning messagesRichard Purdie
2022-08-07runqueue: Ensure deferred tasks are sorted by multiconfigRichard Purdie
2022-07-28bitbake-user-manual: npm fetcher: improve description of SRC_URI formatMichael Opdenacker
2022-07-28runqueue: add cpu/io pressure regulationAryaman Gupta
2022-07-28bb/utils: movefile: use the logger for printingJose Quaresma
2022-07-28bb/utils: remove: check the path again the expand python globJose Quaresma
2022-07-20asyncrpc: Add TCP Keep AlivesJoshua Watt
2022-07-19bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: hashserv can be accessed on a dedicated domainJose Quaresma
2022-07-15fetch2: Drop DL_DIR fallback for local file fetcherRichard Purdie
2022-07-15fetch2: Ensure directory exists before creating symlinkRichard Purdie
2022-07-15fetch: bb.fatal when trying to checksum non-existing filesPaulo Neves
2022-07-08fetch2/git: show SRCREV and git repo in error message about fixed SRCREVMartin Jansa
2022-07-04ConfHandler/BBHandler: Improve comment error messages and add testsRichard Purdie
2022-07-01fetch2: gitsm: fix incorrect handling of git submodule relative urlsGennaro Iorio
2022-06-25server/process: Fix logging issues where only the first message was displayedRichard Purdie
2022-06-22doc: bitbake-user-manual: document npm and npmsw fetchersMichael Opdenacker
2022-06-22doc: bitbake-user-manual: add explicit target for crates fetcherMichael Opdenacker
2022-06-21bitbake-user-manual: Correct description of the ??= operatorJacob Kroon
2022-06-21ConfHandler: Remove lingering closeOla x Nilsson
2022-06-21tests/fetch: Add test for broken mirror tarballPavel Zhukov