AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-14fetch2/wget: Fix failure path for files that are empty or don't existyocto-5.0.22024-04.2-scarthgap2.8.22.8Richard Purdie
2024-06-12tests/fetch: Tweak to work on Fedora40Richard Purdie
2024-06-12fetch2/wget: Canonicalize DL_DIR paths for wget2 compatibilityRudolf J Streif
2024-06-10tests/fetch: Tweak test to match upstream repo url changeRichard Purdie
2024-06-05siggen: Enable batching of unihash queriesJoshua Watt
2024-06-05hashserv: client: Add batch stream APIJoshua Watt
2024-06-05bb: Use namedtuple for Task dataJoshua Watt
2024-06-05runqueue: Improve rehash get_unihash parallelismRichard Purdie
2024-06-05runqueue: Process unihashes in parallel at initRichard Purdie
2024-06-05siggen/runqueue: Report which dependencies affect the taskhashjoshua Watt
2024-06-05runqueue: Allow rehash loop to exit in case of interruptsRichard Purdie
2024-06-05runqueue: Add timing warnings around slow loopsRichard Purdie
2024-05-28fetch2/gcp: Add missing runfetchcmd importSven Schwermer
2024-05-23parse: Improve/fix cache invalidation via mtimeRichard Purdie
2024-05-09cooker: Handle ImportError for websocketsjoshua Watt
2024-05-02cooker: Use hash client to ping upstream serveryocto-5.0.12024-04.1-scarthgap2.8.1joshua Watt
2024-04-16bitbake: Bump to version 2.8.0yocto-5.02024-04-scarthgap2.8.0Richard Purdie
2024-04-16hashserv: client: Fix mode state errorsJoshua Watt
2024-04-16siggen: Capture SSL environment for hashserverJoshua Watt
2024-04-14BBHandler: Handle unclosed functions correctlyRichard Purdie
2024-04-14prserv: remove unnecessary codeMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: correct error messageMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: remove redundant exception handlerMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: add extra requestsMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: capitalization and spacing improvementsMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14asyncrpc: include parse_address from hashservMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: use self.logger instead of logger directlyMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14bitbake-prserv: replace deprecated optparse by argparseMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: use double quotes by defaultMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-14prserv: simplify the PRServerClient() interfaceMichael Opdenacker
2024-04-12doc/user-manual: Add BB_LOADFACTOR_MAXRichard Purdie
2024-04-11doc: Add section for variable contextSimone Weiß
2024-04-11wget: Make wget --passive-ftp option conditional on ftp/ftpsRob Woolley
2024-03-26bitbake-hashclient: Warn on bad .netrcJoshua Watt
2024-03-23siggen: Add support for hashserve credentialsJoshua Watt
2024-03-21fetch2/git: Install Git LFS in local repository configDerek Erdmann
2024-03-21bitbake-worker: Fix silent hang issue caused by unexpected stdout contentYang Xu
2024-03-21utils: better estimate number of available cpusFelix Moessbauer
2024-03-21fetch2: Fix misleading "no output" msgViswanath Kraleti
2024-03-21fetch2: handle URIs with single-valued query parametersRoss Burton
2024-03-21lib/bb: support NO_COLORPeter A. Bigot
2024-03-21bitbake: fetch2/git: Escape parentheses in git src namePhilippe Rivest
2024-03-21bitbake-worker: allow '=' in environment variable valuesdavid d zuhn
2024-03-21bitbake-worker: Fix bug where umask 0 was not being applied to a taskSava Jakovljev
2024-03-21bitbake: improve descriptions of '-S printdiff'Alexander Kanavin
2024-03-05utils: remove BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH from preserved_envvars()Michael Opdenacker
2024-03-01prserv/serv: Fix a PID file removal race on prserv stopYoann Congal
2024-02-28fetch/git: Avoid clean upon failureRichard Purdie
2024-02-28taskexp_ncurses: fix execution example in introductory commentUlrich Ölmann
2024-02-24asyncrpc: Add support for server headersJoshua Watt