path: root/meta/classes/systemd.bbclass
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* classes: Use modern exception raising syntaxRichard Purdie2013-05-091-2/+2
* systemd.bbclass: restart service in postinst, not startRoss Burton2013-04-091-1/+1
* update-rc.d, systemd: redirect also stderr from typeMartin Jansa2013-04-021-2/+2
* update-rc.d/systemd: change communication variable nameRoss Burton2013-03-261-4/+7
* systemd: check for systemctl first, and don't force systemd to be installed.Ross Burton2013-03-261-16/+11
* systemd.bbclass: fix bb.errorMartin Jansa2013-03-011-1/+1
* systemd.bbclass: Dont use libdir and base_libdir for unitsKhem Raj2013-02-151-4/+9
* systemd.bbclass: use PACKAGESPLITFUNCS instead of populate_packages_prependRoss Burton2013-02-111-7/+7
* systemd.bbclass: helper class for recipes with systemd unitsRoss Burton2013-02-111-0/+158