BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertoaster: builds pages Fix the download cooker log linkBelen Barros Pena13 days
1.28toasterui: Create per-build logsElliot Smith4 weeks
master-nexttoasterui: Create per-build logsElliot Smith4 weeks
1.26toaster: buildinfohelper Skip packages we have no build info aboutPaul Barker5 weeks
1.24prserv/serv: Improve exit handlingRichard Purdie3 months
noupdatedatatests/data: Add new data testsRichard Purdie5 months
1.22lib/bb/utils: add safeguard against recursively deleting things we shouldn'tPaul Eggleton7 months
1.20fetch2/ let try_mirror_url return correct valueRobert Yang19 months
1.18hob: disable layer drag and drop outside the containing widgetCristiana Voicu20 months
wmat2cleanupsRichard Purdie22 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  bitbake-1.26.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.26.0.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan7 months  bitbake-1.17.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.17.0.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie3 years  bitbake-1.16.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.16.0.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie3 years  bitbake-1.15.3.tar.gz  bitbake-1.15.3.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie3 years  bitbake-1.15.2.tar.gz  bitbake-1.15.2.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.15.1.tar.gz  bitbake-1.15.1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.14.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.14.0.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.13.3.tar.gz  bitbake-1.13.3.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.13.2.tar.gz  bitbake-1.13.2.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.13.1.tar.gz  bitbake-1.13.1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 daystoaster: builds pages Fix the download cooker log linkHEADmasterBelen Barros Pena2-6/+13
13 daystoaster: project pages Link to image recipes table in notificationsBelen Barros Pena2-2/+2
13 daystoaster: tests: Re-write some cases to make them more maintainableKe Zou1-223/+89
13 daysdata_smart: Only support lowercase OVERRIDESRichard Purdie1-2/+2
13 daysfetch2: Remove crazy code in unpackRichard Purdie1-3/+0
13 daysparse: Don't try to expand __base_depends/__dependsRichard Purdie1-2/+2
13 dayscache: Don't try to expand __inherit_dataRichard Purdie1-3/+3
13 daystoaster: localhostbectrl Pass DATABASE_URL in via the process environmentElliot Smith4-332/+61
13 daystoaster: Remove the new-build-input button widgetMichael Wood1-0/+81
13 daystoaster: projecttopbar Use the project in context to get num buildsMichael Wood1-1/+1