AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-05-14linux-2.6.36: Add checksums for TK71 Warpcomm kernel patch.Leon Woestenberg
2011-05-13warpcomm.conf: Add new machine TK71 Warpcomm (Marvell Kirkwood based).Leon Woestenberg
2011-02-21ronetix-pm9g45: Added new machine, with kernel 2.6.30.Leon Woestenberg
2011-01-27adb4000.conf: New machine, kernel and u-boot support.Leon Woestenberg
2011-01-25p2020rdb: New Freescale QorQ P2 machine, based on p1020rdb (P1)Leon Woestenberg
2010-09-14preferred-xorg-versions-X11R7.5-latest.inc: Move to pixman 0.18.4Leon Woestenberg
2010-09-12efikamx: Fixed spelling error Genisi to Genesi.Leon Woestenberg
2010-09-12linux-efikamx: Added git version for Woestenberg
2010-09-06ltp-20100831: New release of the Linux Test Project.Leon Woestenberg
2010-09-04Added Freescale P1020RDB machine and linux-powerpc-fsl-2.6.35.Leon Woestenberg
2010-06-16udev/{acl,attr}: Fix install. Wanted to install to host /usr/bin/.Leon Woestenberg
2010-03-08squashfs-tools-4.0: Use LDFLAGS in Makefile.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-02xserver-xorg-conf: Added config for MACHINE ion.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-02xserver-xorg-1.7.3: Enable Xinerama for MACHINE ion, due to NVidia.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-02firefox-3.5.5: --disable-crashreporterLeon Woestenberg
2010-01-01linux-2.6.32/ion/defconfig: Tune-down to better match machine.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-01nvidia-display-190.42: Fix library versioning.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-01helloworld-image: Set some IMAGE_* so that nothing extra gets included.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-01netbase/init: Do not run 'ifup -a' if root is network mounted.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-01nvidia-display: Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE=1 for MACHINE ion.Leon Woestenberg
2010-01-01linux-2.6.32: Add support for MACHINE=ion.Leon Woestenberg
2009-12-06gcc-configure-cross.inc: Remove bogus rm -rf libiberty.aLeon Woestenberg
2009-12-06openmoko-alsa-scenarios.bb: Provide a safe SRC_URI default.Leon Woestenberg
2009-12-06machine/ion.conf: Adjust machine arch settings.Leon Woestenberg
2009-12-03helloworld: Use {C,LD}FLAGS during build. Duh.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-22nvidia-display: Added 190.42 release. Builds but packaging needs clean-up.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-22linux-2.6.31: Added defconfig for MACHINE ion.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-21tune-atom.inc: Use gcc arch and tune options for GCC 4.3.1+Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-19ion.conf: TARGET_CC_ARCH = "-march=i686 -mtune=atom" for Atom.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-19conf/machine/ion.conf: NVidia Ion based x86 machines.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18lzma.inc: Remove dependency on dos2unix host command, using sed.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18squashfs-4.0: update squashfs-tools to include upstream LZMA inclusion.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18linux-{,kirkwood-}2.6.31: Add upstream squashfs-4.0 LZMA patches.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18squashfs-lzma-tools: Revert, re-applied later in unified commit.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18MAINTAINERS: Update recipes, machines that I look at now and then.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18linux-kirkwood: Add patch that re-enables interrupts from idle.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18linux-kirkwood: Add patch that re-enables interrupt from idle.Leon Woestenberg
2009-11-18squashfs-lzma-tools: Upstream LZMA support requires -comp argument.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-31linux-kirkwood-2.6.31: Add PCI Express support for openrd-base.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-23u-boot: Patched and tested a GIT version for MACHINE=calamari.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-22gnash-fb: Fix DEPENDS from cairo to agg.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-18gnash: Add gnash-fb 0.8.5, gnash for framebuffer devices.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-18gnash-0.8.5: Fix an upstream case-typo in the configure script.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-18agg-2.5: Fix typoin CFLAGS. Provide X paths to configure.Leon Woestenberg
2009-10-15linux-powerpc-fsl: Add defconfig for calamari.Leon Woestenberg
2009-09-27lsof.bb: Add configure support for linux-gnu.Leon Woestenberg
2009-09-26openssl.inc: Deal with HOST_OS=linux-gnu during configure.Leon Woestenberg
2009-09-23libvorbis: Add missing patch.Leon Woestenberg
2009-09-23libvorbis: In configure.in, remove cpu= for powerpc tripplets.Leon Woestenberg
2009-09-23linux-powerpc-fsl: Update GIT revision for Freescale Calamari board kernel.Leon Woestenberg