path: root/meta/site/x86_64-linux
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* site: add more alignment values for at-spi2-coreRoss Burton2013-06-131-1/+2
* site: add x86-32/64 alignment values for at-spi2-coreRoss Burton2013-01-211-0/+9
* site/ix86-common, site/x86_64-linux: alignment values for guin32, guin64 and ...Martin Jansa2012-05-031-0/+3
* site/x86_64-linux: add cvs config variablesNitin A Kamble2011-11-241-0/+3
* site/x86_64: Add entries to fix conf error on x86_64Zhai Edwin2011-09-071-0/+10
* Various siteinfo files: Consolidate va_copy/__va_copy/va_val_copyTom Rini2011-08-041-6/+7
* sudo: Drop sudo_cv_uid_t_len from site filesTom Rini2011-08-041-1/+0
* siteinfo: Move (getpgrp|setpgrp|setgrent|*get{pwuid,grgid}) to common-libcTom Rini2011-07-271-6/+0
* siteinfo: Move general realloc/malloc values to common-$libcTom Rini2011-07-271-2/+0
* siteinfo: Move certain db entries to common-linuxTom Rini2011-07-271-12/+2
* x86_64-linux siteinfo: Add bash infoTom Rini2011-07-271-0/+5
* siteinfo: Move certain bash entries to common-linuxTom Rini2011-07-271-1/+0
* site/x86_x64: add entry to fix x86_64 compile errorsTom Zanussi2011-02-011-0/+4
* apr: update x86_64 site config fileSaul Wold2010-12-231-0/+4
* unfs-server: new userspace nfs recipeScott Garman2010-08-201-0/+12
* site/x86_64: Add entries to allow various programs to compileRichard Purdie2010-07-301-0/+5
* site/x86_64: Add missing site config for glib-2.0Richard Purdie2010-07-271-0/+1
* site/x86_64: Add some extra entriesRichard Purdie2008-02-111-0/+16
* site: Sync with OERichard Purdie2007-09-021-3/+2
* Site file handling update: Instead of one site file per target, allow entries...Richard Purdie2006-11-211-2/+5
* meta/site/x86_64-linux: fixed value of db_cv_mutexTomas Frydrych2006-10-241-1/+1
* Rename /openembedded/ -> /meta/Richard Purdie2006-07-211-0/+80