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* v86d: mark as compatible with all x86, not just qemux86Ross Burton2013-07-301-1/+1
* v86d: compile against userspace safe kernel headersBruce Ashfield2013-03-011-1/+1
* v86d: Use BP instead of PSaul Wold2013-02-041-1/+1
* v86d: Update SRC_URI to point to new file location.Andy Dalton2013-02-041-1/+1
* v86d: Fix cross link using host-cross arJason Wessel2012-06-112-2/+36
* v86d: update to 0.1.10Saul Wold2011-10-141-2/+2
* Drop remaining bootcdx86 references, the -live images for qemux86 and atom-pc...Richard Purdie2011-01-241-1/+1
* SRC_URI Checksums AdditionalsSaul Wold2010-12-091-0/+3
* v86d: update license infoQing He2010-12-011-0/+2
* Major layout change to the packages directoryRichard Purdie2010-08-272-0/+38