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* test_utils: import functions directly for concisenessRoss Burton2013-06-071-5/+5
* test-utils: handle import bb failing and skip the testRoss Burton2013-06-071-1/+5
* utils: add trim_version() functionRoss Burton2013-05-301-0/+20
* utils: add helper to get all non-system packagesRoss Burton2013-04-041-0/+27
* lib/oe/ support missing directory components in realpath()Enrico Scholz2013-02-111-5/+5
* lib: implemented oe.path.realpath()Enrico Scholz2013-02-111-0/+89
* oe.license: add license flattening codeChristopher Larson2011-12-081-0/+30
* license: split license parsing into oe.licenseChristopher Larson2011-12-081-0/+38
* oe.test_types: move into an oe.tests packageChristopher Larson2011-12-082-0/+62