path: root/meta-selftest/lib/oeqa
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* oeqa dnf_runtime.py: fix HTTP server IP address and portMikko Rapeli2023-09-121-1/+2
* oeqa/runtime/virgl: Update test to match new mesa versionRichard Purdie2022-09-221-1/+1
* selftest/virgl: drop the custom 30 sec timeoutAlexander Kanavin2020-10-201-1/+1
* meta-selftest: correct the virgl test for 5.8 kernelsAlexander Kanavin2020-08-251-1/+1
* selftest: skip virgl test on centos 7 entirelyAlexander Kanavin2019-11-041-5/+0
* meta-selftest/virgl: Exclude centos7 from the kmscube testRichard Purdie2019-03-111-0/+6
* selftest: add tests for virgl GL accelerationAlexander Kanavin2019-03-041-0/+17
* oeqa: replace Alex Kanavin's @intel email address with a personal oneAlexander Kanavin2018-06-071-1/+1
* oeqa/runtime/cases/dnf_runtime.py: skip test if PACKAGE_FEED_URIS is not setChen Qi2018-06-041-0/+3
* oeqa: increase verbosity of dnf commands in dnf packagefeed testMarkus Lehtonen2017-08-181-2/+2
* dnf: expand dnf selftest to test signed package feedsMarkus Lehtonen2017-08-161-1/+3
* oeqa: fix temp file handling in dnf package feed testMarkus Lehtonen2017-08-161-3/+6
* oeqa: fix dnf testsMarkus Lehtonen2017-08-161-0/+0
* selftest/seltest.py: Add test to check imports from other layersJose Perez Carranza2017-06-281-0/+16
* runtime-test.py: Split different tests inside selftest.pyHumberto Ibarra2017-06-092-42/+42
* rpm: add support for remote package feeds via PACKAGE_FEED_URIS variableAlexander Kanavin2017-03-171-0/+42
* oeqa: fix typoHumberto Ibarra2017-02-231-3/+3
* selftest/runtime-test.py: Adapt test to use new runtime frameworkMariano Lopez2017-01-232-29/+5
* selftest/runtime-test.py: Add test for testexport SDK featureMariano Lopez2016-08-041-0/+24
* selftest/runtime-test.py: Add test for import test from other layersMariano Lopez2016-08-012-0/+37