path: root/scripts/lib/devtool/sdk.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* devtool: sdk-update: drop support for local updatesPaul Eggleton2016-05-211-112/+76
* devtool: sdk-update: fix handling of UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM changesPaul Eggleton2016-04-191-0/+26
* devtool: sdk-update: reset git metadata on updateStephano Cetola2016-04-181-2/+8
* devtool: sdk-install: add option to allow building from sourcePaul Eggleton2016-03-231-1/+20
* sdk.py: Fix undefined variableJuro Bystricky2016-03-031-0/+1
* devtool: sdk-update: tweak command-line handling of updateserverPaul Eggleton2016-02-211-4/+7
* devtool: categorise and order subcommands in help outputPaul Eggleton2016-02-211-2/+8
* devtool: add sdk-install subcommandPaul Eggleton2016-01-221-1/+62
* devtool: sdk-update: improve SDK update process robustnessPaul Eggleton2016-01-221-34/+84
* devtool: sdk-update: improve temp directory handlingPaul Eggleton2016-01-221-37/+38
* classes/populate_sdk_ext: add option to bring in pkgdata for worldPaul Eggleton2016-01-221-3/+3
* populate_sdk_ext: Use new --setscene-only option to bitbake instead of workar...Richard Purdie2016-01-111-1/+1
* devtool: sdk-update: add option to skip preparation stepPaul Eggleton2016-01-111-8/+10
* devtool: sdk-update: fix error checkingPaul Eggleton2016-01-111-7/+6
* devtool: sdk-update: fix metadata update stepPaul Eggleton2016-01-111-2/+2
* devtool: sdk-update: fix not using updateserver config file optionPaul Eggleton2016-01-111-15/+15
* devtool: use cp instead of shutil.copytreeEd Bartosh2015-12-281-1/+4
* devtool: sdk-update: fix traceback without update server setPaul Eggleton2015-12-221-5/+1
* devtool: drop unused plugin_init() functionsPaul Eggleton2015-12-011-4/+0
* classes/populate_sdk_ext: drop work-config.incPaul Eggleton2015-09-221-1/+1
* devtool: add mechanism for updating extensible SDKQi.Chen@windriver.com2015-09-071-0/+197