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* qt4: remove Qt MobilityAlexander Kanavin2015-05-201-112/+0
* qt-mobility: Add patch to fix disabling bluez compile issuesRichard Purdie2015-02-191-0/+1
* qt-mobility: select distro preference for bluez providerPeter A. Bigot2015-02-171-3/+5
* qt-mobility: fix source URLJonathan Liu2014-09-291-1/+1
* Globally replace 'base_contains' calls with 'bb.utils.contains'Otavio Salvador2014-04-251-4/+4
* Revert "qt-mobility: remove /usr/lib from ld rpath-link option"Martin Jansa2014-04-041-6/+0
* qt-mobility: fix metaobjectbuilder build errorsHongxu Jia2014-02-281-0/+1
* qt-mobility: fix build without X11Eric BĂ©nard2013-09-201-0/+1
* qt-mobility: tighten up config generation and use PACKAGECONFIGPaul Eggleton2013-07-181-6/+35
* qt-mobility: fix build in the absence of xvideoHongxu Jia2013-07-051-1/+2
* qt-mobility: remove /usr/lib from ld rpath-link optionRoy.Li2013-06-251-0/+6
* qt-mobility: update HOMEPAGEJonathan Liu2013-06-101-1/+1
* qt-mobility: added list of modules to be compiledFelipe F. Tonello2013-04-031-2/+4
* qt-mobility: Add pulseaudio dependency if DISTRO_FEATURES has pulseaudioFelipe F. Tonello2013-03-181-1/+1
* qt-mobility: Add bluez dependency if DISTRO_FEATURES has bluetoothFelipe F. Tonello2013-03-181-2/+5
* qt4: PR bumpsMartin Jansa2012-10-021-1/+1
* qt-mobility: move qt-mobility patches to separate dirMartin Jansa2012-10-021-0/+1
* qt-mobility, xserver-xorg, ofono, bluez4, gst-plugins-good: bump PR to rebuil...Martin Jansa2012-07-291-1/+1
* qt-mobility: Fix build with gcc 4.7Khem Raj2012-04-041-2/+4
* qt-mobility: fix build in the absence of openglCiprian Ciubotariu2012-03-191-2/+3
* qt-mobility: fix QA warningsPaul Eggleton2012-03-161-2/+3
* qt-mobility: Fix QA error for debug filesSaul Wold2011-12-151-4/+5
* qt4: qt-mobility: fix QML video player crashAnatolij Gustschin2011-11-291-1/+4
* qt-mobility: qa_configure stage failedDmitry Cherukhin2011-11-111-1/+2
* qt4: Added support for QtMobility 1.2Dmitry Cherukhin2011-10-171-0/+62