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* piglit: don't use /tmp to write generated sources tosgw/jethroRoss Burton2016-02-031-0/+6
* piglit: Fix floating dependency on freeglutRoy Li2015-07-161-0/+1
* piglit: fix floating dependence on freeglutRoy Li2015-06-261-0/+6
* piglit: Add missing inclusion of Xutil.hOtavio Salvador2015-06-182-2/+31
* piglit: upgrade to more recent srvrevRoss Burton2015-06-111-31/+6
* piglit: add PACKAGECONFIG for freeglutRobert Yang2015-04-061-0/+3
* piglit: add x11 to required DISTRO_FEATURESMartin Jansa2015-02-031-1/+3
* piglit: add bash to RDEPENDS_piglitRobert Yang2014-09-031-1/+4
* piglit: add dependency on libxrenderMartin Jansa2014-08-171-1/+1
* piglit: ship files with correct permissionsValentin Popa2014-03-251-5/+5
* piglit: add (from meta-oe)Ross Burton2014-01-141-0/+48