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* uclibc: Upgrade to latest masterKhem Raj2012-01-191-5/+5
* uclibc_git: Implement execvpe and refresh scheduler functionsKhem Raj2011-07-071-1/+3
* uclibc_git: Move SRCREV past 0.9.32 releaseKhem Raj2011-07-071-14/+7
* uclibc: Fix bug exposed by udev 168+ for mips architectureKhem Raj2011-06-301-1/+2
* uclibc_git.bb: Untether UCLIBC_HAS_FPU from UCLIBC_HAS_FLOATSKhem Raj2011-06-301-0/+1
* uclibc: Add support for $ORIGINKhem Raj2011-06-221-1/+3
* uclibc: fix compile error on i586Phil Blundell2011-06-141-0/+1
* uclibc: remove PACKAGE_ARCHPhil Blundell2011-06-141-3/+1
* uclibc: Cleanup the machine dependent config filesKhem Raj2011-06-141-1/+0
* uclibc_git.bb: Fix patch path in SRC_URIKhem Raj2011-05-271-1/+1
* uclibc_git.bb: Fix compilation on arm when using thumb instruction setKhem Raj2011-05-271-1/+3
* uclibc: Upgrade to 0.9.32-rc3Khem Raj2011-05-231-0/+31