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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* systemd: add udev-extraconf and USB/PCI IDs to RRECOMMENDSRoss Burton2013-02-151-0/+1
* systemd_197.bb: Point to the place where we keep the /etc/rcN.d filesHolger Hans Peter Freyther2013-02-081-1/+2
* systemd: remove /var/cache from volatilesLaurentiu Palcu2013-02-061-1/+0
* systemd: systemd-analyze remove python runtime dependenciesAndreas Müller2013-02-011-2/+0
* systemd: systemd-analyse has moved to base_bindirAndreas Müller2013-02-011-2/+2
* systemd: Drop ppc build breakage patch for test-unit-fileKhem Raj2013-02-012-33/+0
* systemd: bump PE to provide upgrade path from meta-systemd recipeMartin Jansa2013-02-011-0/+1
* systemd: honor ROOT_HOMEEnrico Scholz2013-02-011-2/+1
* systemd: Upgrade to 197Khem Raj2013-01-284-205/+1094
* systemd: remove usbutils dependancyJack Mitchell2013-01-251-1/+1
* systemd: Fix build on ppcKhem Raj2013-01-242-0/+35
* systemd: Fix build on uclibcKhem Raj2013-01-222-73/+83
* systemd: remove unused SERIAL_CONSOLE variableRoss Burton2013-01-211-2/+0
* systemd-serialgetty: skip package when not using systemdRoss Burton2013-01-211-0/+6
* systemd-serialgetty: remove redundant statementsRoss Burton2013-01-211-3/+0
* systemd: update uclibc patch headersRoss Burton2013-01-217-8/+8
* systemd: add missing patch headersRoss Burton2013-01-218-0/+22
* systemd: use new GTKDOC_DOCDIR and clean upRoss Burton2013-01-211-6/+4
* systemd: fix typo in FILESRoss Burton2013-01-211-1/+1
* systemd: skip in non-systemd distros to fix world buildsRoss Burton2013-01-211-0/+8
* systemd: add systemd recipesRadu Moisan2013-01-2022-0/+1597