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* expat: merge bb and incRoss Burton2018-02-151-25/+0
* expat: Don't use getrandom() in the -native caseRichard Purdie2017-08-161-0/+3
* expat: Upgrade to 2.2.3Khem Raj2017-08-161-0/+1
* gzip/pigz/expat/image: Simplify gzip-native/pigz-nativeRichard Purdie2017-01-281-3/+3
* expat: Upgrade 2.1.1 -> 2.2.0Jussi Kukkonen2016-07-201-1/+0
* expat: CVE-2016-0718Yi Zhao2016-06-231-0/+1
* expat: Upgrade 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1Jussi Kukkonen2016-05-171-2/+1
* expat: CVE-2015-1283Zhixiong Chi2016-01-071-1/+3
* recipes: convert remaining SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION cosmetic issues (part 2)Matthieu Crapet2014-02-201-1/+1
* gzip/pigz-native: Install into a prefix to avoid clashing with system binariesRichard Purdie2012-03-211-1/+1
* recipes-core: Cleanup package descriptions and summariesMark Hatle2010-10-111-0/+1
* Major layout change to the packages directoryRichard Purdie2010-08-271-0/+19