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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* meta: replace Alex Kanavin's @intel email address with a personal oneAlexander Kanavin2018-06-071-1/+1
* apmd: use snapshot.debian.org for SRC_URIMaxin B. John2016-08-011-1/+2
* apmd: fix build with static libraries disabledRoss Burton2016-02-152-0/+54
* apmd: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as requiredMike Crowe2016-02-101-0/+2
* apmd: Fix build with muslKhem Raj2016-01-222-0/+27
* package_regex.inc: split Debian-related entries into their own recipesAlexander Kanavin2015-12-081-0/+4
* apmd: update to 3.2.2-15Alexander Kanavin2015-08-169-5/+134
* apmd: remove libapm-dev and libapm-staticdev from PACKAGESRobert Yang2015-04-131-3/+1
* apmd: avoid pipe with sedMatthieu Crapet2014-05-081-1/+1
* apmd.service: Fix typo (not mandatory EnvironmentFile prefix)Tobias Blom2014-02-021-1/+1
* Revert "Add missing RDEPENDS of initscripts-functions"Chen Qi2014-02-021-1/+0
* Add missing RDEPENDS of initscripts-functionsChen Qi2014-01-061-0/+1
* apmd: add status commandLi Wang2013-11-291-1/+8
* apmd: Add systemd supportMuhammad Shakeel2013-09-142-2/+18
* apmd: fix license segment md5sum boundaryMarko Lindqvist2013-01-161-1/+1
* apmd: refactor packages for staticdevSaul Wold2012-01-241-4/+5
* apmd: use ${HOST_SYS}-libtoolAndrew Gabbasov2011-09-281-1/+1
* Drop PRIORITY variableRichard Purdie2011-07-011-1/+0
* recipes: add Upstream-Status to various recipe patchesScott Garman2011-05-182-20/+28
* apmd: added HOMEPAGE, minor formatting changesScott Garman2011-01-061-4/+5
* apmd: delete unused patchScott Garman2011-01-061-59/+0
* SRC_URI Checksums AdditionalsSaul Wold2010-12-091-2/+8
* recipes-bsp: Cleanup package descriptions and summariesMark Hatle2010-10-111-1/+4
* packages: Separate out most of the remaining packages into recipesRichard Purdie2010-09-018-0/+331