path: root/meta/classes/create-spdx.bbclass
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* create-spdx: cross recipes are native alsoSaul Wold2021-10-281-2/+2
* create-spdx: add create_annotation functionSaul Wold2021-10-281-6/+12
* create-spdx: Use SPDXAnnotation to track native recipesSaul Wold2021-09-281-2/+19
* create-spdx.bbclass: Search all license directories for licensesPeter Kjellerstedt2021-09-161-5/+8
* create-spdx: handle CLOSED licenseRoss Burton2021-09-101-0/+3
* create-spdx: remove trailing commaSaul Wold2021-09-081-1/+1
* create-spdx: don't duplicate license texts in each packageRoss Burton2021-09-041-11/+14
* create-spdx: embed unknown license textsRoss Burton2021-09-031-14/+37
* create-spdx: remove redundant testRoss Burton2021-09-031-3/+0
* create-spdx: transform license list into a dict for faster lookupsRoss Burton2021-09-031-7/+8
* classes/create-spdx: Comment out placeholder license warningJoshua Watt2021-09-031-1/+2
* classes/create-spdx: Skip package processing for native recipesJoshua Watt2021-09-031-129/+134
* classes/create-spdx: Collect all task dependenciesJoshua Watt2021-09-031-2/+1
* classes/create-spdx: Add special exception for Public Domain licenseJoshua Watt2021-09-031-12/+21
* classes/create-spdx: Fix file:// in downloadLocationJoshua Watt2021-09-031-3/+6
* classes/create-spdx: Speed up hash calculationsJoshua Watt2021-09-031-33/+16
* classes/create-spdx: Fix up license reportingJoshua Watt2021-09-031-8/+47
* classes/create-spdx: extend DocumentRef to include nameSaul Wold2021-09-031-2/+2
* classes/create-spdx: Fix another creatorJoshua Watt2021-09-031-2/+2
* classes/create-spdx: Add NOASSERTION for unknown debug sourcesJoshua Watt2021-09-031-20/+16
* classes/create-spdx: Add runtime dependency mappingJoshua Watt2021-09-031-1/+178
* classes/create-spdx: Add index to DEPLOYDIRJoshua Watt2021-09-031-2/+11
* classes/create-spdx: Add SHA1 to index fileJoshua Watt2021-09-031-1/+2
* classes/create-spdx: Change creatorJoshua Watt2021-09-031-6/+6
* classes/create-spdx: Add classJoshua Watt2021-09-031-0/+679