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@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ BBFILE_COLLECTIONS[doc] = "Lists the names of configured layers. These names are
BBFILE_PATTERN[doc] = "Variable that expands to match files from BBFILES in a particular layer. This variable is used in the layer.conf file and must be suffixed with the name of a layer."
BBFILE_PRIORITY[doc] = "Assigns the priority for recipe files in each layer. Setting this variable allows you to prioritize a layer against other layers that contain the same recipe."
BBFILES[doc] = "List of recipe files used by BitBake to build software."
-BBINCLUDELOGS[doc] = "Variable that controls how BitBake displays logs on build failure."
+BBINCLUDELOGS[doc] = "Variable that controls how BitBake displays logs on build failure. Set to empty if you don't want to have 2nd copy of failed task output (prefixed with '|') in the cooker log."
BBINCLUDELOGS_LINES[doc] = "Amount of log lines printed on failure."
BBLAYERS[doc] = "Lists the layers to enable during the build. This variable is defined in the bblayers.conf configuration file."
BBMASK[doc] = "Prevents BitBake from processing specific recipes or recipe append files."