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+OE-Core aims to be able to provide basic LSB compatible images. There
+are some challenges for OE as LSB isn't always 100% relevant to its
+target embedded and IoT audiences.
+One challenge is that the LSB spec is no longer being actively
+developed [https://github.com/LinuxStandardBase/lsb] and has
+components which are end of life or significantly dated. OE
+therefore provides compatibility with the following caveats:
+* Qt4 is provided by the separate meta-qt4 layer. Its noted that Qt4
+ is end of life and this isn't something the core project regularly
+ tests any longer. Users are recommended to group together to support
+ maintenance of that layer. [http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-qt4/]
+* mailx has been dropped since its no longer being developed upstream
+ and there are better, more modern replacements such as s-nail
+ (http://sdaoden.eu/code.html) or mailutils (http://mailutils.org/).
+* A few perl modules that were required by LSB 4.x aren't provided:
+ libclass-isa, libenv, libdumpvalue, libfile-checktree,
+ libi18n-collate, libpod-plainer.
+* libpng 1.2 isn't provided; oe-core includes the latest release of libpng
+ instead.