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Following is the usage and syntax for BitBake:
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$ bitbake -h
- Usage: bitbake [options] [recipename/target ...]
+ Usage: bitbake [options] [recipename/target recipe:do_task ...]
Executes the specified task (default is 'build') for a given set of target recipes (.bb files).
It is assumed there is a conf/bblayers.conf available in cwd or in BBPATH which
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Show debug logging for the specified logging domains
-P, --profile Profile the command and save reports.
- -u UI, --ui=UI The user interface to use (e.g. knotty, hob, depexp).
+ -u UI, --ui=UI The user interface to use (depexp, goggle, hob, knotty
+ or ncurses - default knotty).
- Choose which server to use, process or xmlrpc.
+ Choose which server type to use (process or xmlrpc -
+ default process).
--token=XMLRPCTOKEN Specify the connection token to be used when
connecting to a remote server.
--revisions-changed Set the exit code depending on whether upstream
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-m, --kill-server Terminate the remote server.
--observe-only Connect to a server as an observing-only client.
--status-only Check the status of the remote bitbake server.
+ Writes the event log of the build to a bitbake event
+ json file. Use '' (empty string) to assign the name
+ automatically.