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authorPaul Eggleton <paul.eggleton@linux.intel.com>2014-03-20 19:24:35 +0000
committerRichard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>2014-03-21 12:05:28 +0000
commit45779941cec4f53a8ca7f8350402e5d9e866c916 (patch)
tree151e973cf0766d6022589a2d1231d543a351d70f /scripts
parentd3941c88e2639637a8bc0b2c31c1d892d2ae40e3 (diff)
generate-manifest-2.7.py: sync with python-2.7-manifest.inc
Some changes were made earlier by me to SUMMARY values in python-2.7-manifest.inc without changing the manifest script. Signed-off-by: Paul Eggleton <paul.eggleton@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
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1 files changed, 59 insertions, 59 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/contrib/python/generate-manifest-2.7.py b/scripts/contrib/python/generate-manifest-2.7.py
index 419268db2ae..4356ad0dddd 100755
--- a/scripts/contrib/python/generate-manifest-2.7.py
+++ b/scripts/contrib/python/generate-manifest-2.7.py
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
# Parameters: revision, name, description, dependencies, filenames
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-core", "Python Interpreter and core modules (needed!)", "${PN}-lang ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-core", "Python interpreter and core modules", "${PN}-lang ${PN}-re",
"__future__.* _abcoll.* abc.* copy.* copy_reg.* ConfigParser.* " +
"genericpath.* getopt.* linecache.* new.* " +
"os.* posixpath.* struct.* " +
@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
"${includedir}/python${PYTHON_MAJMIN}/pyconfig*.h " +
"${libdir}/python${PYTHON_MAJMIN}/sitecustomize.py ")
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-dev", "Python Development Package", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-dev", "Python development package", "${PN}-core",
"${includedir} " +
"${libdir}/lib*${SOLIBSDEV} " +
"${libdir}/*.la " +
@@ -187,13 +187,13 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
"${datadir}/aclocal " +
"${datadir}/pkgconfig " )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-2to3", "Python Automated Python 2 to 3 code translation", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-2to3", "Python automated Python 2 to 3 code translator", "${PN}-core",
"${bindir}/2to3 lib2to3" ) # package
m.addPackage( "${PN}-idle", "Python Integrated Development Environment", "${PN}-core ${PN}-tkinter",
"${bindir}/idle idlelib" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-pydoc", "Python Interactive Help Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang ${PN}-stringold ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-pydoc", "Python interactive help support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang ${PN}-stringold ${PN}-re",
"${bindir}/pydoc pydoc.* pydoc_data" )
m.addPackage( "${PN}-smtpd", "Python Simple Mail Transport Daemon", "${PN}-core ${PN}-netserver ${PN}-email ${PN}-mime",
@@ -202,187 +202,187 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
m.addPackage( "${PN}-audio", "Python Audio Handling", "${PN}-core",
"wave.* chunk.* sndhdr.* lib-dynload/ossaudiodev.so lib-dynload/audioop.so audiodev.* sunaudio.* sunau.* toaiff.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-bsddb", "Python Berkeley Database Bindings", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-bsddb", "Python bindings for the Berkeley Database", "${PN}-core",
"bsddb lib-dynload/_bsddb.so" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-codecs", "Python Codecs, Encodings & i18n Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-codecs", "Python codecs, encodings & i18n support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang",
"codecs.* encodings gettext.* locale.* lib-dynload/_locale.so lib-dynload/_codecs* lib-dynload/_multibytecodec.so lib-dynload/unicodedata.so stringprep.* xdrlib.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-compile", "Python Bytecode Compilation Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-compile", "Python bytecode compilation support", "${PN}-core",
"py_compile.* compileall.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-compiler", "Python Compiler Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-compiler", "Python compiler support", "${PN}-core",
"compiler" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-compression", "Python High Level Compression Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-zlib",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-compression", "Python high-level compression support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-zlib",
"gzip.* zipfile.* tarfile.* lib-dynload/bz2.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-crypt", "Python Basic Cryptographic and Hashing Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-crypt", "Python basic cryptographic and hashing support", "${PN}-core",
"hashlib.* md5.* sha.* lib-dynload/crypt.so lib-dynload/_hashlib.so lib-dynload/_sha256.so lib-dynload/_sha512.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-textutils", "Python Option Parsing, Text Wrapping and Comma-Separated-Value Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-stringold",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-textutils", "Python option parsing, text wrapping and CSV support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-stringold",
"lib-dynload/_csv.so csv.* optparse.* textwrap.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-curses", "Python Curses Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-curses", "Python curses support", "${PN}-core",
"curses lib-dynload/_curses.so lib-dynload/_curses_panel.so" ) # directory + low level module
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-ctypes", "Python C Types Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-ctypes", "Python C types support", "${PN}-core",
"ctypes lib-dynload/_ctypes.so lib-dynload/_ctypes_test.so" ) # directory + low level module
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-datetime", "Python Calendar and Time support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-codecs",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-datetime", "Python calendar and time support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-codecs",
"_strptime.* calendar.* lib-dynload/datetime.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-db", "Python File-Based Database Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-db", "Python file-based database support", "${PN}-core",
"anydbm.* dumbdbm.* whichdb.* " )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-debugger", "Python Debugger", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-re ${PN}-stringold ${PN}-shell ${PN}-pprint",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-debugger", "Python debugger", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-re ${PN}-stringold ${PN}-shell ${PN}-pprint",
"bdb.* pdb.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-difflib", "Python helpers for computing deltas between objects.", "${PN}-lang ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-difflib", "Python helpers for computing deltas between objects", "${PN}-lang ${PN}-re",
"difflib.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-distutils-staticdev", "Python Distribution Utilities (Static Libraries)", "${PN}-distutils",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-distutils-staticdev", "Python distribution utilities (static libraries)", "${PN}-distutils",
"config/lib*.a" ) # package
m.addPackage( "${PN}-distutils", "Python Distribution Utilities", "${PN}-core",
"config distutils" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-doctest", "Python framework for running examples in docstrings.", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-unittest ${PN}-debugger ${PN}-difflib",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-doctest", "Python framework for running examples in docstrings", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-unittest ${PN}-debugger ${PN}-difflib",
"doctest.*" )
# FIXME consider adding to some higher level package
m.addPackage( "${PN}-elementtree", "Python elementree", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/_elementtree.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-email", "Python Email Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-mime ${PN}-audio ${PN}-image ${PN}-netclient",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-email", "Python email support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-mime ${PN}-audio ${PN}-image ${PN}-netclient",
"imaplib.* email" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-fcntl", "Python's fcntl Interface", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-fcntl", "Python's fcntl interface", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/fcntl.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-hotshot", "Python Hotshot Profiler", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-hotshot", "Python hotshot performance profiler", "${PN}-core",
"hotshot lib-dynload/_hotshot.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-html", "Python HTML Processing", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-html", "Python HTML processing support", "${PN}-core",
"formatter.* htmlentitydefs.* htmllib.* markupbase.* sgmllib.* HTMLParser.* " )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-gdbm", "Python GNU Database Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-gdbm", "Python GNU database support", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/gdbm.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-image", "Python Graphical Image Handling", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-image", "Python graphical image handling", "${PN}-core",
"colorsys.* imghdr.* lib-dynload/imageop.so lib-dynload/rgbimg.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-io", "Python Low-Level I/O", "${PN}-core ${PN}-math ${PN}-textutils",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-io", "Python low-level I/O", "${PN}-core ${PN}-math ${PN}-textutils",
"lib-dynload/_socket.so lib-dynload/_io.so lib-dynload/_ssl.so lib-dynload/select.so lib-dynload/termios.so lib-dynload/cStringIO.so " +
"pipes.* socket.* ssl.* tempfile.* StringIO.* io.* _pyio.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-json", "Python JSON Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-math ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-json", "Python JSON support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-math ${PN}-re",
"json lib-dynload/_json.so" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-lang", "Python Low-Level Language Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-lang", "Python low-level language support", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/_bisect.so lib-dynload/_collections.so lib-dynload/_heapq.so lib-dynload/_weakref.so lib-dynload/_functools.so " +
"lib-dynload/array.so lib-dynload/itertools.so lib-dynload/operator.so lib-dynload/parser.so " +
"atexit.* bisect.* code.* codeop.* collections.* dis.* functools.* heapq.* inspect.* keyword.* opcode.* symbol.* repr.* token.* " +
"tokenize.* traceback.* weakref.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-logging", "Python Logging Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-pickle ${PN}-stringold",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-logging", "Python logging support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-pickle ${PN}-stringold",
"logging" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-mailbox", "Python Mailbox Format Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-mime",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-mailbox", "Python mailbox format support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-mime",
"mailbox.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-math", "Python Math Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-crypt",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-math", "Python math support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-crypt",
"lib-dynload/cmath.so lib-dynload/math.so lib-dynload/_random.so random.* sets.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-mime", "Python MIME Handling APIs", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-mime", "Python MIME handling APIs", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
"mimetools.* uu.* quopri.* rfc822.* MimeWriter.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-mmap", "Python Memory-Mapped-File Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-mmap", "Python memory-mapped file support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
"lib-dynload/mmap.so " )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-multiprocessing", "Python Multiprocessing Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-pickle ${PN}-threading ${PN}-ctypes ${PN}-mmap",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-multiprocessing", "Python multiprocessing support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-pickle ${PN}-threading ${PN}-ctypes ${PN}-mmap",
"lib-dynload/_multiprocessing.so multiprocessing" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-netclient", "Python Internet Protocol Clients", "${PN}-core ${PN}-crypt ${PN}-datetime ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-logging ${PN}-mime",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-netclient", "Python Internet Protocol clients", "${PN}-core ${PN}-crypt ${PN}-datetime ${PN}-io ${PN}-lang ${PN}-logging ${PN}-mime",
"*Cookie*.* " +
"base64.* cookielib.* ftplib.* gopherlib.* hmac.* httplib.* mimetypes.* nntplib.* poplib.* smtplib.* telnetlib.* urllib.* urllib2.* urlparse.* uuid.* rfc822.* mimetools.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-netserver", "Python Internet Protocol Servers", "${PN}-core ${PN}-netclient",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-netserver", "Python Internet Protocol servers", "${PN}-core ${PN}-netclient",
"cgi.* *HTTPServer.* SocketServer.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-numbers", "Python Number APIs", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-numbers", "Python number APIs", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang ${PN}-re",
"decimal.* numbers.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-pickle", "Python Persistence Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-codecs ${PN}-io ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-pickle", "Python serialisation/persistence support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-codecs ${PN}-io ${PN}-re",
"pickle.* shelve.* lib-dynload/cPickle.so pickletools.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-pkgutil", "Python Package Extension Utility Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-pkgutil", "Python package extension utility support", "${PN}-core",
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-pprint", "Python Pretty-Print Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-pprint", "Python pretty-print support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
"pprint.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-profile", "Python Basic Profiling Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-textutils",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-profile", "Python basic performance profiling support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-textutils",
"profile.* pstats.* cProfile.* lib-dynload/_lsprof.so" )
m.addPackage( "${PN}-re", "Python Regular Expression APIs", "${PN}-core",
"re.* sre.* sre_compile.* sre_constants* sre_parse.*" ) # _sre is builtin
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-readline", "Python Readline Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-readline", "Python readline support", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/readline.so rlcompleter.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-resource", "Python Resource Control Interface", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-resource", "Python resource control interface", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/resource.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-shell", "Python Shell-Like Functionality", "${PN}-core ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-shell", "Python shell-like functionality", "${PN}-core ${PN}-re",
"cmd.* commands.* dircache.* fnmatch.* glob.* popen2.* shlex.* shutil.*" )
m.addPackage( "${PN}-robotparser", "Python robots.txt parser", "${PN}-core ${PN}-netclient",
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-subprocess", "Python Subprocess Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-fcntl ${PN}-pickle",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-subprocess", "Python subprocess support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io ${PN}-re ${PN}-fcntl ${PN}-pickle",
"subprocess.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-sqlite3", "Python Sqlite3 Database Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-datetime ${PN}-lang ${PN}-crypt ${PN}-io ${PN}-threading ${PN}-zlib",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-sqlite3", "Python Sqlite3 database support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-datetime ${PN}-lang ${PN}-crypt ${PN}-io ${PN}-threading ${PN}-zlib",
"lib-dynload/_sqlite3.so sqlite3/dbapi2.* sqlite3/__init__.* sqlite3/dump.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-sqlite3-tests", "Python Sqlite3 Database Support Tests", "${PN}-core ${PN}-sqlite3",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-sqlite3-tests", "Python Sqlite3 database support tests", "${PN}-core ${PN}-sqlite3",
"sqlite3/test" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-stringold", "Python String APIs [deprecated]", "${PN}-core ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-stringold", "Python string APIs [deprecated]", "${PN}-core ${PN}-re",
"lib-dynload/strop.so string.* stringold.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-syslog", "Python Syslog Interface", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-syslog", "Python syslog interface", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/syslog.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-terminal", "Python Terminal Controlling Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-terminal", "Python terminal controlling support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-io",
"pty.* tty.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-tests", "Python Tests", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-tests", "Python tests", "${PN}-core",
"test" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-threading", "Python Threading & Synchronization Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-threading", "Python threading & synchronization support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-lang",
"_threading_local.* dummy_thread.* dummy_threading.* mutex.* threading.* Queue.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-tkinter", "Python Tcl/Tk Bindings", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-tkinter", "Python Tcl/Tk bindings", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/_tkinter.so lib-tk" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-unittest", "Python Unit Testing Framework", "${PN}-core ${PN}-stringold ${PN}-lang ${PN}-io ${PN}-difflib ${PN}-pprint ${PN}-shell",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-unittest", "Python unit testing framework", "${PN}-core ${PN}-stringold ${PN}-lang ${PN}-io ${PN}-difflib ${PN}-pprint ${PN}-shell",
"unittest/" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-unixadmin", "Python Unix Administration Support", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-unixadmin", "Python Unix administration support", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/nis.so lib-dynload/grp.so lib-dynload/pwd.so getpass.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-xml", "Python basic XML support.", "${PN}-core ${PN}-elementtree ${PN}-re",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-xml", "Python basic XML support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-elementtree ${PN}-re",
"lib-dynload/pyexpat.so xml xmllib.*" ) # package
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-xmlrpc", "Python XMLRPC Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-xml ${PN}-netserver ${PN}-lang",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-xmlrpc", "Python XML-RPC support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-xml ${PN}-netserver ${PN}-lang",
"xmlrpclib.* SimpleXMLRPCServer.* DocXMLRPCServer.*" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-zlib", "Python zlib Support.", "${PN}-core",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-zlib", "Python zlib compression support", "${PN}-core",
"lib-dynload/zlib.so" )
- m.addPackage( "${PN}-mailbox", "Python Mailbox Format Support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-mime",
+ m.addPackage( "${PN}-mailbox", "Python mailbox format support", "${PN}-core ${PN}-mime",
"mailbox.*" )