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authorPetter Mab├Ącker <>2015-11-24 13:45:25 +0100
committerRichard Purdie <>2015-12-01 21:30:53 +0000
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create-pull-request: handle empty ODIR
In some situations you might end-up with an empty ODIR (pull-xx/). The most common reason is that you have applied your patches on 'master' branch (or you are by mistake standing on the 'master' branch), this will result in the default behavior that 'git format-patch' will try to diff master..master. Solve this by aborting the script with a proper error code and message if ODIR is empty after the 'git format-patch' call (that is expected to generate the cover-letter and patches). Signed-off-by: Petter Mab├Ącker <> Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <>
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diff --git a/scripts/create-pull-request b/scripts/create-pull-request
index 19ba58869f..a3744cceaa 100755
--- a/scripts/create-pull-request
+++ b/scripts/create-pull-request
@@ -185,6 +185,14 @@ fi
# Generate the patches and cover letter
git format-patch $extraopts -M40 --subject-prefix="$PREFIX" -n -o $ODIR --thread=shallow --cover-letter $RELATIVE_TO..$COMMIT_ID > /dev/null
+if [ -z "$(ls -A $ODIR 2> /dev/null)" ]; then
+ echo "ERROR: $ODIR is empty, no cover letter and patches was generated!"
+ echo " This is most likely due to that \$RRELATIVE_TO..\$COMMIT_ID"
+ echo " ($RELATIVE_TO..$COMMIT_ID) don't contain any differences."
+ rmdir $ODIR
+ exit 1
[ -n "$RELDIR" ] && cd $pdir
# Customize the cover letter