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authorAndre McCurdy <>2018-07-28 13:39:20 -0700
committerRichard Purdie <>2018-07-30 12:44:28 +0100
commitb3e81e3cf86dd8736b62a6b88d6a6dbe518c9e5e (patch)
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openssl_1.0: drop obsolete exporting of AS, EX_LIBS and DIRS
Previously (when EXTRA_OEMAKE contained -e) exporting these variables over-rode default values in the top-level openssl Makefile. However, since -e was removed from EXTRA_OEMAKE as part of: exporting these variables does nothing. The comment from that commit that only AR is affected by removing -e wasn't correct, but the effects of letting the openssl Makefile also control AS, EX_LIBS and DIRS seem to be either benign or beneficial. Since without -e make ignores DIRS from the environment and always runs for all subdirs (including "test"), adding "test" to DIRS and calling "make depend" again from do_compile_ptest() can be dropped. Signed-off-by: Andre McCurdy <> Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <>
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diff --git a/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/ b/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/
index ee1c1f7faf..c2d9264732 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/
+++ b/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/
@@ -72,9 +72,6 @@ PACKAGECONFIG[cryptodev-linux] = "-DHAVE_CRYPTODEV -DUSE_CRYPTODEV_DIGESTS,,cryp
# vulnerability
EXTRA_OECONF = "no-ssl3"
-export DIRS = "crypto ssl apps engines"
-export AS = "${CC} -c"
-export EX_LIBS = "-lgcc -ldl"
export OE_LDFLAGS = "${LDFLAGS}"
# openssl fails with ccache:
@@ -222,9 +219,6 @@ do_compile_class-target () {
do_compile_ptest () {
- # build dependencies for test directory too
- export DIRS="$DIRS test"
- oe_runmake depend
oe_runmake buildtest