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-Recipe reporting system WEB interface
+Recipe Reporting System
-Recipe reporting system is a small applcation that provides information
-about Recipes in Openembedded-core layer.
+Recipe reporting system is a web-based application that provides information
+about recipe maintenance for OpenEmbedded layers, tracking how up-to-date each
+recipe is per recipe. It is an add-on for the OpenEmbedded layer index
-You need to follow the instructions in README with the following changes in
-Setup instructions,
+NOTE: Currently the only supported database backend is MySQL (or MariaDB)
+version 10.2 or newer, due to some raw SQL usage for performance reasons.
+This requirement may be removed in future.
-1. Edit,
+Setup procedure:
+1. Follow the layer index setup instructions in the README file first.
+ The openembedded-core layer (or whatever replacement you have pointed
+ CORE_LAYER_NAME to in must be present in order to run the
+ Recipe Reporting System database migrations.
+2. Edit
-Uncomment the 'rrs' line in INSTALLED_APPS.
+ * Add 'rrs' to INSTALLED_APPS
-Configure RRS_EMAIL_TO used for sending Recipe upgrade name list report.
+ * Configure TOOLS_LOG_DIR if you wish the logs to be written somewhere
+ other than the current directory when the scripts are run
-If you are running in development mode you need to set DEBUG=True in
-in order to serve static content using django.
+3. Uncomment the include lines in conf/local.conf.
-4. To add openembedded-core layer you need to run:
+4. Run database migrations:
-$ ./scripts/tools/ -s meta git:// openembedded-core
+$ python3 migrate rrs
-7. Uncomment include files in conf/local.conf.
+5. Set up the maintenance plan. A "default" plan will likely have been
+ created during upgrade, you can use this if it's there, otherwise create
+ one. Ensure that you set the following:
-8. In the first run should regenerate Recipe upgrade information,
+ * "Enable updates" should be ticked
+ * Have at least one layer branch against the plan (lower part of the admin
+ page for the plan). You should select the master or equivalent branch
+ for each layer.
+ * If you are importing history earlier than the Python 3 switchover, and
+ you are using virtualenv or have some other environmental requirement
+ for different python versions, you'll need to set up a Python Environment
+ record for Python 2 and Python 3 (or reuse the ones you've set up for
+ the normal layer index update) and select these on each layer branch in
+ the maintenance plan.
+6. For the first run, regenerate recipe upgrade information:
$ ./layerindex/
$ ./rrs/tools/ -d
@@ -38,16 +58,5 @@ $ ./rrs/tools/ -d
$ ./rrs/tools/ -d
$ ./rrs/tools/ -d
-9. Configure cron to run daily update, set rrs_dir and venv_activate into rrs/tools/
-The code for this application is maintained by the Yocto Project.
-The latest version of the code can always be found here:
-Contributions are welcome. Please send patches / pull requests to with '[rrs]' in the subject.
+7. Configure cron to run daily update, set rrs_dir and venv_activate in
+ rrs/tools/