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ref-manual: Updated the uninative.bbclass description.
Dropped the "experimental" verbiage and added real detail. (From yocto-docs rev: ca63ab4bac2885037741afdc78ee307233159a2e) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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- Provides a means of reusing <filename>native/cross</filename> over
- multiple distros.
- <note>
- Currently, the method used by the <filename>uninative</filename>
- class is experimental.
- </note>
- For more information, see the commit message
- <ulink url=''>here</ulink>.
+ Attempts to isolate the build system from the host
+ distribution's C library in order to make re-use of native shared state
+ artifacts across different host distributions practical.
+ With this class enabled, a tarball containing a pre-built C library
+ is downloaded at the start of the build.
+ In the Poky reference distribution this is enabled by default
+ through
+ <filename>meta/conf/distro/include/</filename>.
+ Other distributions that do not derive from poky can also
+ "<filename>require conf/distro/include/</filename>"
+ to use this.
+ Alternatively if you prefer, you can build the uninative-tarball recipe
+ yourself, publish the resulting tarball (e.g. via HTTP) and set
+ <filename>UNINATIVE_URL</filename> and
+ <filename>UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM</filename> appropriately.
+ For an example, see the
+ <filename>meta/conf/distro/include/</filename>.