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dev-manual: Applied review changes to GNU debugging section.
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purposes, which is the most usual case due to the inherent
hardware limitations on many embedded devices.
However, debugging in the target hardware itself is also possible
- with the most powerful devices.
+ with more powerful devices.
This section describes what you need to do in order to support
using GDB to debug on the target hardware.
@@ -9896,7 +9896,7 @@
Alternatively, you can add "tools-debug" to
<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_REF_URL;#var-IMAGE_FEATURES'><filename>IMAGE_FEATURES</filename></ulink>:
<literallayout class='monospaced'>
- IMAGE_FEATURES = tools-debug
+ IMAGE_FEATURES = " tools-debug"
@@ -9909,7 +9909,7 @@
Alternatively, you can do the following to include all the
debug symbols:
<literallayout class='monospaced'>
- IMAGE_FEATURES = dbg-pkgs
+ IMAGE_FEATURES = " dbg-pkgs"