BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
yoe/mutglibc: Upgrade to future 2.34 ( master )Khem Raj2 days
jansa/masterimage*.bbclass, kernel*.bbclass: create versioned hard links instead of versi...Martin Jansa3 days
stable/ add quilt-ptest and valgrind-ptestSteve Sakoman3 days
anujm/hardknottlibevent: Increase ptest timing tolerance 50 ms -> 100 msYi Fan Yu3 days
jansa/gatesgarthimage.bbclass: inherit nopackagesMartin Jansa4 days
jansa/hardknottreport-error.bbclass: replace angle brackets with < and >Changqing Li4 days
jansa/dunfellimage.bbclass: inherit nopackagesMartin Jansa4 days
anujm/gatesgarthpopulate_sdk_ext: Avoid copying and producing .pyc filesMark Hatle5 days
stable/gatesgarth-nextpopulate_sdk_ext: Avoid copying and producing .pyc filesMark Hatle5 days
stable/dunfell-nextlicense_image.bbclass: Fix symlink to generic license filesReto Schneider7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-06-26gtk-icon-cache.bbclass: Depends on gtk+3rbt/postRobert Yang1-4/+10
2019-06-26busybox: make postinst run firstly before update-alternativesRobert Yang1-28/+34
2019-06-26update-alternatives.bbclass: run update-alternatives firstly in postinst scriptRobert Yang1-2/+5
2019-06-24local.conf.sample.extended: remove redundant RUNTIMETARGET assignmentRoss Burton1-1/+0
2019-06-22recipes-bsp/opensbi: Fix the u-boot payload nameAlistair Francis1-1/+1 add libmodule-build-perl-ptestTim Orling1-0/+1
2019-06-21bash: Remove .build files for reproducible buildsJoshua Watt1-0/+6
2019-06-21perl: Reproducible build fixesJoshua Watt3-0/+67
2019-06-21python3: Reformat sysconfigJoshua Watt2-0/+28
2019-06-21pigz: bump alternative priorityRoss Burton1-1/+1