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android-tools: fix issue with missing files in eSDK updates
If this recipe was included in an eSDK and then eSDK incremental updates were generated by repeatedly running the oe-publish-sdk script, after installing the first of such updates, and any following as well, with 'devtool sdk-updates' the eSDK gets corrupted. Indeed some of the files listed in SRC_URI (namely anything in *.patch and *.service) get deleted by those updates, with bitbake that starts warning with 'Unable to get checksum for android-tools* SRC_URI entry' at every parse. Since the files are missing, such warnings turn into errors if trying to bake android-tools. The root cause is the somewhat unusual presence of android-tools/.gitignore, indeed ignore everything not explicitly excepted. When oe-publish-sdk creates the git repo it relies on to feed eSDK updates, the .gitignore gets honored, leading to the buggy behaviour above. This patch adds *.patch and *.service to the excepted patterns in .gitignore Note that, although this solves the issue, it does not prevent from it popping up again if new files get added to android-tools/ without explicitly excluding them from .gitignore. Signed-off-by: Martin Jansa <Martin.Jansa@gmail.com>
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