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+ Copyright 1991, 1992, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2002 William D. Norcott
+ License to freely use and distribute this software is hereby granted
+ by the author, subject to the condition that this copyright notice
+ remains intact. The author retains the exclusive right to publish
+ derivative works based on this work, including, but not limited to
+ revised versions of this work.
+Below is author reply to question about distributing iozone3 in
+ Re-distribution is permitted as long as the copyright is
+ maintained and the source code is not changed. I do not
+ see a problem with your mods to enable fileop for Linux-arm,
+ as these mods have been returned to the Iozone folks,
+ and they have been accepted for inclusion in the next
+ release :-)
+Thank you for your contribution,
+Don Capps
+----- Original Message -----
+From: "Marcin Juszkiewicz" <firma@hrw.one.pl>
+To: "Don Capps" <don.capps2@verizon.net>; "William D. Norcott"
+Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006 4:55 PM
+Subject: iozone3 263 patch for arm and License question
+> Morning
+> I want to include iozone3 in OpenEmbedded [1] metadata to give it for
+> other developers. Currently OE is used to build few distributions for
+> misc platforms: ARM, SH3, SH4, x86, PowerPC and different types of
+> machines (PDA, settopbox, devboards, desktops, thin clients, routers).
+> According to your distribution of derivations is forbidden. Packaging
+> iozone3 in OpenEmbedded will not involve any source code changes. But
+> when I was building it for ARM I discovered that fileop binary was not
+> built - so I created patch for it (attached). Not yet tested it on target
+> device.
+> Thus, I seek your written permission via e-mail to distribute a package of
+> the unmodified source code and also a package of the pre-compiled binary.
+> Your copyright statement will be included in the package.
+> 1. http://www.openembedded.org/
+> Regards
+> --
+> JID: hrw-jabber.org
+> OpenEmbedded developer/consultant