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meta-multimedia: initial add
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+# It really depends on order of the layers appearing in BBLAYERS
+# variable in toplevel bblayers.conf file, where bitbake will search
+# for .inc files and others where bitbake uses BBPATH since it will
+# search the directories from first to last as specified in BBPATH
+# Therefore if you want a given layer to be considered high priority
+# for the .inc and .conf etc. then consider it adding at the beginning
+# of BBPATH. For bblayers bitbake will use BBFILES_PRIORITY to resolve
+# the recipe contention so the order of directories in BBFILES does
+# not matter.
+# We have a conf and classes directory, append to BBPATH
+# We have a recipes directory, add to BBFILES
+BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"
+BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "multimedia-layer"
+BBFILE_PATTERN_multimedia-layer := "^${LAYERDIR}/"
+# Define the priority for recipes (.bb files) from this layer,
+# choosing carefully how this layer interacts with all of the
+# other layers.
+BBFILE_PRIORITY_multimedia-layer = "6"