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* bitbake/event/ast: Add RecipePreFinalise eventRichard Purdie2011-06-091-6/+9
* bitbake/parse/ast: We always need to finalize the default data since otherwis...Richard Purdie2011-06-091-2/+1
* track skipped packagesPaul Eggleton2011-06-091-6/+6
* parse: pass a useful (if mangled) key to bb.data.expand for :=Chris Larson2011-06-021-1/+1
* bitbake/ast.py: Only run finalise() for the specified variantRichard Purdie2011-05-061-2/+6
* bitbake/data_smart: Improve the way lazyassignment worksRichard Purdie2011-02-241-8/+0
* Merge branch 'poky-sync'Chris Larson2011-01-071-6/+12
| * parse: save python functions into the metadataRichard Purdie2010-12-301-4/+8
| * Implement task signaturesRichard Purdie2010-12-291-3/+3
| * data: Add emit_func and generate_dependenciesRichard Purdie2010-12-291-0/+2
* | parse: pass filename, lineno into the astChris Larson2011-01-051-45/+52
* | parse.ast: drop __word__ regular expressionChris Larson2011-01-051-4/+3
* | parse.ast: avoid code duplication for inheritChris Larson2011-01-051-6/+5
* Switch bitbake internals to use logging directly rather than bb.msgChris Larson2010-09-031-4/+8
* Add support for .bbappend files (see mailing lists for detais)Richard Purdie2010-08-031-1/+5
* 3.0 prepChris Larson2010-06-211-0/+2
* Apply some 2to3 refactoringsChris Larson2010-06-211-6/+7
* Kill the unnecessary setVarFlag debugging messageChris Larson2010-06-101-1/+0
* Apply some 2to3 transforms that don't cause issues in 2.6Chris Larson2010-04-111-1/+1
* Import fixupsChris Larson2010-04-091-0/+1
* Formatting cleanupsChris Larson2010-04-091-1/+1
* Rename the finalise method for consistencyChris Larson2010-04-091-4/+4
* Resurrect merged anonfunc executionChris Larson2010-03-311-4/+9
* Consolidate the exec/eval bits, switch anonfunc to better_exec, etcChris Larson2010-03-301-30/+6
* Implement BBVERSIONSChris Larson2010-03-231-0/+114
* Implement ??= operatorChris Larson2010-02-261-0/+11
* [parse] In ast, make StatementGroup inherit list, and add a AstNode base class.Chris Larson2010-02-121-22/+13
* [parser] Remove the "data" from feeder, evaluate after parsing a fileHolger Freyther2010-02-121-31/+13
* [parse] Move the last method to the AST...Holger Freyther2010-02-121-1/+10
* [parser] Move more methods to the ast schemeHolger Freyther2010-02-121-31/+48
* [parser] Move one more item to the astHolger Freyther2010-02-121-34/+41
* [parser] Move methodflags over to the astHolger Freyther2010-02-121-15/+23
* [parser] Build fixRichard Purdie2010-02-121-2/+2
* [parser] Move more statements over the two phase ASTHolger Freyther2010-02-121-17/+40
* [parse] Change handling include through the AstNodeHolger Freyther2010-02-121-8/+2
* [parser] Call eval and remove non ast codeHolger Freyther2010-02-121-2/+1
* [parser] Call eval immeditaley to test this codeHolger Freyther2010-02-121-33/+4
* [parser] Prepare to cease out getFuncHolger Freyther2010-02-121-12/+17
* [parser] Preserve include vs. require behaviourRichard Purdie2010-02-121-3/+7
* [parser] Firs set of AST nodes with construction and evalHolger Freyther2010-02-121-0/+78
* [parser] Move the finalise into the ast as wellHolger Freyther2010-02-121-0/+39
* [parser] Cary a Statement Node through the parsingHolger Freyther2010-02-121-53/+61
* [parser] Move evaluating into the ast class...Holger Freyther2010-02-121-0/+191