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authorChris Larson <clarson@kergoth.com>2004-12-08 06:47:07 +0000
committerChris Larson <clarson@kergoth.com>2004-12-08 06:47:07 +0000
commit638ccde60d053fd43ac443b568760e57a75d6c5d (patch)
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parent5c7f13d325631467ef9eb63230c507062e92e022 (diff)
Vim syntax update: highlight the 'def' as a Statement, and add highlighting of the bitbake 'addtask', 'addhandler', 'inherit', and 'include' statements.
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diff --git a/contrib/vim/syntax/bb.vim b/contrib/vim/syntax/bb.vim
index 3f59cbac..f80eb8b6 100644
--- a/contrib/vim/syntax/bb.vim
+++ b/contrib/vim/syntax/bb.vim
@@ -78,13 +78,16 @@ syn region bbShellFuncRegion matchgroup=bbDelimiter start="{" end="^}$" keepend
" BitBake 'def'd python functions
syn keyword bbDef def contained
-syn match bbDefCmd "^def" skipwhite nextgroup=bbDefFunc
+syn match bbDefCmd "^def" contains=bbDef skipwhite nextgroup=bbDefFunc
syn match bbDefFunc "\w\+" contains=bbFunction contained skipwhite nextgroup=bbDefArgs
syn region bbDefArgs matchgroup=bbDelimiter start="(" end=")" excludenl contained skipwhite keepend contains=bbIdentifier nextgroup=bbDefRegion
syn region bbDefRegion start=":$" end='^$' end='^\(\s\)\@!' contained contains=@python
-hi def link bbDefCmd bbStatement
+" BitBake statements
+syn keyword bbStatement include inherit addtask addhandler
+hi def link bbDef Statement
hi def link bbPythonFlag Type
hi def link bbStatement Statement
hi def link bbString String