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Add a couple long term, high impact TODO items
Signed-off-by: Chris Larson <chris_larson@mentor.com>
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Looks like we may be able to use removeHandler.. will have to see how it
interacts with parent/child loggers.
+Long term, high impact:
+ - Change override application to actually *move* it over -- so the original
+ override specific version of the variable goes away, rather than sticking
+ around as a duplicate.
+ - Change the behavior when a variable is referenced and is unset. Today, it
+ evaluates to ${FOO} and then shell has a chance to expand it, but this is
+ far from ideal. We had considered evaluating it to the empty string, but
+ that has other potential problems. Frans Meulenbroeks has proposed just
+ erroring when this occurs, as we can always define default values for the
+ variables in bitbake.conf. This seems reasonable. My only concern with
+ that is the case where you want to reference a shell variable with odd
+ characters in it -- where you'd have to use ${} style shell variable
+ expansion rather than normal $. To handle that case, we'd really need a
+ way to escape / disable bitbake variable expansion, \${} perhaps.
- Leverage the python 2.6 multiprocessing module