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-On popular request by popular people a list of tasks to-do:
+- Continue pylint / pyflakes / pychecker / pep8 fixups
+- Drop os.system usage in favor of direct subprocess usage or a subprocess
+ wrapper
+- Kill the execution of 'tee' for the task log file in build.py
+- Leverage the python logging module
- -Kill insecure usage of os.system either by properly escaping
- the strings or a faster replacement not involving /bin/sh
- -Introduce a -p option to automatically hotshot/profile the
- run
+ - Create a new logging Handler which instantiates MsgBase derived objects
+ and passes them along, either via bb.event or directly over the
+ appropriate queues to the other processes.
+ - Alter the bb.msg functions to use the logging module.
+ - Convert bb modules to stop using the bb.msg functions.
+ - Switch the messaging wrappers in the bb package to use the logging module
+ directly, as we'll be deprecating the bb.msg versions, but these should
+ stay around for the metadata to use.
+ - Deprecate the bb.msg functions.
+ - Do we want to use the logging module in any of the UIs, for local
+ messages, as well? If we do, we don't want those to use our handler which
+ sends the Msg events to the UI :)
+ Looks like we may be able to use removeHandler.. will have to see how it
+ interacts with parent/child loggers.
+ - Leverage the python 2.6 multiprocessing module
+ - Worker processes for bb.cooker
+ - Server / UI processes
+ - Create a bitbake configuration class which is utilized by the library, not
+ just bin/bitbake. This class should be responsible for extracting
+ configuration parameters from the metadata for bitbake internal use, as well
+ as pulling specific items like BBDEBUG, and importing settings from an
+ optparse options object.
+ - Python version bits
+ - Utilize the new string formatting where appropriate
+ - Do we need to take into account the bytes literals changes?
+ - Do we have any file-like objects that would benefit from using the "io"
+ module?
+ - Do we want to leverage the abstract base classes in collections?
+ - Aside: Set methods now accept multiple iterables