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* systemd: fix CVE-2018-6954George McCollister2019-03-171-0/+1828
Apply patches to fix CVE-2018-6954 NVD description from https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2018-6954 systemd-tmpfiles in systemd through 237 mishandles symlinks present in non-terminal path components, which allows local users to obtain ownership of arbitrary files via vectors involving creation of a directory and a file under that directory, and later replacing that directory with a symlink. This occurs even if the fs.protected_symlinks sysctl is turned on. Patches from systemd_237-3ubuntu10.13.debian. These patches shouldn't be required on newer OE releases since they use systemd v239 or higher. Signed-off-by: George McCollister <george.mccollister@gmail.com>