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* oeqa/utils/sshcontrol.py: Allows to copy symlinks to targetMariano Lopez2016-08-041-2/+7
* classes/lib: Update to use python3 command pipeline decodingRichard Purdie2016-06-021-0/+1
* sshcontrol.py: Add methods to copy dirs and delete filesMariano Lopez2016-05-091-0/+84
* oeqa/sshcontrol: don't source profileRoss Burton2015-12-011-2/+1
* oeqa: Test failure/cleanup improvementsRichard Purdie2015-09-051-2/+12
* sshcontrol: Use os.environ.copy() instead of copy.copy()Richard Purdie2015-07-311-2/+1
* oeqa/sshcontrol: Ensure we don't trigger ssh-askpassRichard Purdie2015-07-241-0/+7
* oeqa/utils: sshcontrol: realtime logging of outputStefan Stanacar2014-04-291-4/+15
* oeqa/utils: sshcontrol: rewrite the SSHControl classStefan Stanacar2014-02-021-83/+92
* lib/oeqa: sshcontrol: Allow alternate port for SSHControlSipke Vriend2014-01-281-1/+3
* lib/oeqa: sshcontrol: fix false timeout failuresStefan Stanacar2014-01-221-2/+2
* testimage: use the new targetcontrol.py module for running testsStefan Stanacar2013-12-031-13/+7
* lib/oeqa/utils: sshcontrol: make timeout depend on outputStefan Stanacar2013-11-081-14/+27
* lib/oeqa/utils: sshcontrol: log how long the last command takeStefan Stanacar2013-09-201-3/+6
* oeqa/utils/sshcontrol: tweak ssh optionsMihai Lindner2013-09-061-11/+12
* oeqa/utils/sshcontrol: increase and log timeout in outputStefan Stanacar2013-08-011-4/+6
* testimage.bbclass, lib/oeqa: add headers and commentsStefan Stanacar2013-07-151-0/+9
* lib/oeqa/utils/sshcontrol.py: fix passing command to subprocessStefan Stanacar2013-07-151-23/+17
* lib/oeqa/utils/sshcontrol.py: helper module for running remote commandsStefan Stanacar2013-07-091-0/+100