path: root/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/devtool.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* devtool: Split tests into multiple classesstable/sumo-nmutstable/sumo-nextRichard Purdie2019-04-091-52/+61
* oeqa: Default to buffer mode for testsRichard Purdie2019-04-091-2/+0
* oeqa/selftest/devtool: Ensure dbus is built befoe running testRichard Purdie2019-04-091-0/+2
* oe-selftest: devtool: Support meta being a symbolic linkPeter Kjellerstedt2019-02-251-1/+2
* oe-selftest: devtool: avoid parallel races by using temporary copy of corePaul Eggleton2019-02-251-0/+64
* devtool: Ensure added layer sets LAYERSERIES_COMPATRichard Purdie2018-04-071-0/+1
* selftest/cases/devtool.py: fix workspace layer checkingRobert Yang2018-01-141-1/+1
* oe-selftest: devtool: switch away from mkelfimagePaul Eggleton2018-01-021-3/+3
* oe-selftest: devtool: fix test for changes in lzo recipePaul Eggleton2017-12-101-6/+10
* oeqa: Markup further tests for stdout/stderr bufferingRichard Purdie2017-11-101-0/+2
* devtool: rework source extraction so that dependencies are handledPaul Eggleton2017-09-181-5/+5
* oe-selftest: devtool: fix test_devtool_add hanging on some machinesPaul Eggleton2017-09-131-1/+1
* selftest/devtool: Avoid writing on TOPDIR on kernel test caseJose Perez Carranza2017-09-121-4/+5
* oe-selftest: devtool: test find-recipe and edit-recipePaul Eggleton2017-08-311-8/+17
* selftest/devtool: Don't use removed remake as test caseJussi Kukkonen2017-06-281-2/+1
* selftest: Add Testopia ID to test casesJose Perez Carranza2017-06-231-0/+10
* selftest/devtool: replace file assertTrue/False with assertExists/NotExistsYeoh Ee Peng2017-06-231-65/+63
* selftest/devtool: Modify test to use default configJose Perez Carranza2017-06-091-7/+3
* oeqa/selftest/cases: Migrate test cases into the new oe-qa frameworkLeonardo Sandoval2017-06-051-0/+1696