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wic: Add kickstart reference to help system
Add a 'wic kickstart' help section to make it easy for users to access the kickstart reference without having to go to an external website. Signed-off-by: Tom Zanussi <tom.zanussi@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <sgw@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
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# can directly dd to boot media.
-part /boot --source bootimg-pcbios --ondisk sda --fstype=msdos --label boot --active --align 1024
+part /boot --source bootimg-pcbios --ondisk sda --label boot --active --align 1024
part / --source rootfs --ondisk sda --fstype=ext3 --label platform --align 1024
bootloader --timeout=0 --append="rootwait rootfstype=ext3 video=vesafb vga=0x318 console=tty0"
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@@ -631,3 +631,117 @@ DESCRIPTION
kickstart commands available for use in .wks files from 'wic help
+wic_kickstart_help = """
+ wic kickstart - wic kickstart reference
+ This section provides the definitive reference to the wic
+ kickstart language. It also provides documentation on the list of
+ --source plugins available for use from the 'part' command (see
+ the 'Platform-specific Plugins' section below).
+ The current wic implementation supports only the basic kickstart
+ partitioning commands: partition (or part for short) and
+ bootloader.
+ The following is a listing of the commands, their syntax, and
+ meanings. The commands are based on the Fedora kickstart
+ documentation but with modifications to reflect wic capabilities.
+ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Kickstart#part_or_partition
+ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Kickstart#bootloader
+ Commands
+ * 'part' or 'partition'
+ This command creates a partition on the system and uses the
+ following syntax:
+ part <mountpoint>
+ The <mountpoint> is where the partition will be mounted and
+ must take of one of the following forms:
+ /<path>: For example: /, /usr, or /home
+ swap: The partition will be used as swap space.
+ The following are supported 'part' options:
+ --size: The minimum partition size in MBytes. Specify an
+ integer value such as 500. Do not append the number
+ with "MB". You do not need this option if you use
+ --source.
+ --source: This option is a wic-specific option that names the
+ source of the data that will populate the
+ partition. The most common value for this option
+ is 'rootfs', but can be any value which maps to a
+ valid 'source plugin' (see 'wic help plugins').
+ If '--source rootfs' is used, it tells the wic
+ command to create a partition as large as needed
+ and to fill it with the contents of the root
+ filesystem pointed to by the '-r' wic command-line
+ option (or the equivalent rootfs derived from the
+ '-e' command-line option). The filesystem type
+ that will be used to create the partition is driven
+ by the value of the --fstype option specified for
+ the partition (see --fstype below).
+ If --source <plugin-name>' is used, it tells the
+ wic command to create a partition as large as
+ needed and to fill with the contents of the
+ partition that will be generated by the specified
+ plugin name using the data pointed to by the '-r'
+ wic command-line option (or the equivalent rootfs
+ derived from the '-e' command-line option).
+ Exactly what those contents and filesystem type end
+ up being are depend on the given plugin
+ implementation.
+ --ondisk or --ondrive: Forces the partition to be created on
+ a particular disk.
+ --fstype: Sets the file system type for the partition. These
+ apply to partitions created using '--source rootfs' (see
+ --source above). Valid values are:
+ ext2
+ ext3
+ ext4
+ btrfs
+ swap
+ --label label: Specifies the label to give to the filesystem
+ to be made on the partition. If the given
+ label is already in use by another filesystem,
+ a new label is created for the partition.
+ --active: Marks the partition as active.
+ --align (in KBytes): This option is specific to wic and says
+ to start a partition on an x KBytes
+ boundary.
+ * bootloader
+ This command allows the user to specify various bootloader
+ options. The following are supported 'bootloader' options:
+ --timeout: Specifies the number of seconds before the
+ bootloader times out and boots the default option.
+ --append: Specifies kernel parameters. These will be added to
+ bootloader command-line - for example, the syslinux
+ APPEND or grub kernel command line.
+ Note that bootloader functionality and boot partitions are
+ implemented by the various --source plugins that implement
+ bootloader functionality; the bootloader command essentially
+ provides a means of modifying bootloader configuration.