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authorBruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>2020-03-17 00:39:16 -0400
committerAnuj Mittal <anuj.mittal@intel.com>2020-03-26 07:33:07 +0800
commit5a2500a81914bab7fd107d4c4b439c01d8fbd736 (patch)
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parentd6df153991c91a1a14b561b3af52dcf96b73e6d7 (diff)
linux-yocto/4.19: update to v4.19.107
Updating linux-yocto/4.19 to the latest korg -stable release that comprises the following commits: 16ae5406361a crypto: CVE-2019-18808 a083db76118d Linux 4.19.107 cfc30449bbc5 Revert "char/random: silence a lockdep splat with printk()" 8541452acba5 s390/mm: Explicitly compare PAGE_DEFAULT_KEY against zero in storage_key_init_range fee87e931cc5 xen: Enable interrupts when calling _cond_resched() 28a73a946a46 ata: ahci: Add shutdown to freeze hardware resources of ahci 43cac315bec1 rxrpc: Fix call RCU cleanup using non-bh-safe locks acbc5071f073 netfilter: xt_hashlimit: limit the max size of hashtable 5a2972600a2f ALSA: seq: Fix concurrent access to queue current tick/time b105447809b1 ALSA: seq: Avoid concurrent access to queue flags 63495d1e1c7c ALSA: rawmidi: Avoid bit fields for state flags bf3043d27755 bpf, offload: Replace bitwise AND by logical AND in bpf_prog_offload_info_fill 3132696dd748 genirq/proc: Reject invalid affinity masks (again) ba2c07dfa0d8 iommu/vt-d: Fix compile warning from intel-svm.h c0965be4b28b ecryptfs: replace BUG_ON with error handling code 1bae8f424c84 staging: greybus: use after free in gb_audio_manager_remove_all() 568991c91849 staging: rtl8723bs: fix copy of overlapping memory f8e6a3412dc6 usb: dwc2: Fix in ISOC request length checking de8dbb7b02fa usb: gadget: composite: Fix bMaxPower for SuperSpeedPlus 1cad1a6497ec scsi: Revert "target: iscsi: Wait for all commands to finish before freeing a session" c66b2b571211 scsi: Revert "RDMA/isert: Fix a recently introduced regression related to logout" b046c6fec04e Revert "dmaengine: imx-sdma: Fix memory leak" cd26d53a27d6 Btrfs: fix btrfs_wait_ordered_range() so that it waits for all ordered extents 4d886f91ca13 btrfs: do not check delayed items are empty for single transaction cleanup 68b7db197bf8 btrfs: reset fs_root to NULL on error in open_ctree 0ba8e5f347b2 btrfs: fix bytes_may_use underflow in prealloc error condtition e541982a6e5f KVM: apic: avoid calculating pending eoi from an uninitialized val 267eec2d216d KVM: nVMX: handle nested posted interrupts when apicv is disabled for L1 85dd0eb771e8 KVM: nVMX: Check IO instruction VM-exit conditions e5c0857bd5cc KVM: nVMX: Refactor IO bitmap checks into helper function 8cf20fb73e73 ext4: fix race between writepages and enabling EXT4_EXTENTS_FL 48fdbe2a818d ext4: rename s_journal_flag_rwsem to s_writepages_rwsem b7dc081c24db ext4: fix mount failure with quota configured as module 50017cec3dbb ext4: fix potential race between s_flex_groups online resizing and access 7720966a68c8 ext4: fix potential race between s_group_info online resizing and access cc9948abe47b ext4: fix potential race between online resizing and write operations 38884609b8b5 ext4: add cond_resched() to __ext4_find_entry() 9b6e90918bc0 ext4: fix a data race in EXT4_I(inode)->i_disksize 0e3a6e86d43b drm/nouveau/kms/gv100-: Re-set LUT after clearing for modesets da3418ad747f lib/stackdepot.c: fix global out-of-bounds in stack_slabs 56ad5b4b7405 tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Fix RX cancel command failure e6ebad85883d tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Remove xfer_mode variable 4e438733f727 tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Remove set_rfr_wm() and related variables 1cc8834773b2 tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Remove use of *_relaxed() and mb() 4d1a94fa6d14 tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Remove interrupt storm 0a38fd9326fd tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Fix UART hang fe1cfc645845 KVM: x86: don't notify userspace IOAPIC on edge-triggered interrupt EOI ed9e97c35b45 KVM: nVMX: Don't emulate instructions in guest mode 6ca274be314b xhci: apply XHCI_PME_STUCK_QUIRK to Intel Comet Lake platforms 8300ed5a2175 drm/amdgpu/soc15: fix xclk for raven 837ba4829b9f mm/vmscan.c: don't round up scan size for online memory cgroup ea2a11561d01 genirq/irqdomain: Make sure all irq domain flags are distinct 576c04cbbef2 nvme-multipath: Fix memory leak with ana_log_buf e75d2de90b86 mm/memcontrol.c: lost css_put in memcg_expand_shrinker_maps() cf85f00f87db Revert "ipc,sem: remove uneeded sem_undo_list lock usage in exit_sem()" af4693daff1b MAINTAINERS: Update drm/i915 bug filing URL c9ca2010202b serdev: ttyport: restore client ops on deregistration 463a3db812d9 tty: serial: imx: setup the correct sg entry for tx dma 6807593e8edc tty/serial: atmel: manage shutdown in case of RS485 or ISO7816 mode f4e6d51f3f40 serial: 8250: Check UPF_IRQ_SHARED in advance f28ec250579c x86/cpu/amd: Enable the fixed Instructions Retired counter IRPERF 5e5b443ae6cc x86/mce/amd: Fix kobject lifetime 0a3aca3a0f41 x86/mce/amd: Publish the bank pointer only after setup has succeeded 4512119ac90a jbd2: fix ocfs2 corrupt when clearing block group bits 72e2df70fb52 powerpc/tm: Fix clearing MSR[TS] in current when reclaiming on signal delivery e34182fb8a2f staging: rtl8723bs: Fix potential overuse of kernel memory e4770de3ae41 staging: rtl8723bs: Fix potential security hole b4eab56d96f1 staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential overuse of kernel memory 2a50bd9e2a69 staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential security hole d59f6a6e35b7 usb: dwc3: gadget: Check for IOC/LST bit in TRB->ctrl fields c787444891a4 usb: dwc2: Fix SET/CLEAR_FEATURE and GET_STATUS flows 8cfda0c9c966 USB: hub: Fix the broken detection of USB3 device in SMSC hub 37d2eb43b64c USB: hub: Don't record a connect-change event during reset-resume babaa26b7c1c USB: Fix novation SourceControl XL after suspend 2debc1717cf2 usb: uas: fix a plug & unplug racing 4db4761cfe15 USB: quirks: blacklist duplicate ep on Sound Devices USBPre2 63d176ed148a USB: core: add endpoint-blacklist quirk d74d5d042d42 usb: host: xhci: update event ring dequeue pointer on purpose 2a2582dc62e9 xhci: Fix memory leak when caching protocol extended capability PSI tables - take 2 7c8cde41a0c3 xhci: fix runtime pm enabling for quirky Intel hosts dce60e7efa97 xhci: Force Maximum Packet size for Full-speed bulk devices to valid range. <snip> c7f81d70d7ae ubifs: Fix default compression selection in ubifs 3331e61b23b1 nvme: fix kernel paging oops 2f99d478ddbd xfs: require both realtime inodes to mount b2d84967f076 bcache: do not mark writeback_running too early 6f48e23888b9 bcache: do not check if debug dentry is ERR or NULL explicitly on remove c318f88411a8 rtl818x: fix potential use after free 7cf86c89d7e4 brcmfmac: set SDIO F1 MesBusyCtrl for CYW4373 38b73129c113 brcmfmac: set F2 watermark to 256 for 4373 6138e4b132cd mwifiex: debugfs: correct histogram spacing, formatting 1450ff720076 mwifiex: fix potential NULL dereference and use after free 4912b454e029 arm64: dts: renesas: draak: Fix CVBS input 48d37cc42390 crypto: user - support incremental algorithm dumps 43cd68d7002b s390/zcrypt: make sysfs reset attribute trigger queue reset 5ac0da68eae1 nvme: provide fallback for discard alloc failure d702d7bc7eb4 scsi: qla2xxx: Fix for FC-NVMe discovery for NPIV port 78777dd6174e scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NPIV handling for FC-NVMe 58ab95b03497 scsi: lpfc: Enable Management features for IF_TYPE=6 e772949a3fd6 ACPI / LPSS: Ignore acpi_device_fix_up_power() return value d411bd858447 ARM: ks8695: fix section mismatch warning 22227437ca68 xfs: zero length symlinks are not valid 4d54a7969524 PM / AVS: SmartReflex: NULL check before some freeing functions is not needed d2e3e3c3c14b RDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Use atomic memory allocation in create AH 64694b276d74 arm64: preempt: Fix big-endian when checking preempt count in assembly 2ec103458855 RDMA/hns: Fix the bug while use multi-hop of pbl 60da6da4b511 ARM: OMAP1: fix USB configuration for device-only setups 0086d127f90d platform/x86: mlx-platform: Fix LED configuration 08d8ab9615c5 bus: ti-sysc: Check for no-reset and no-idle flags at the child level 4b40393b5240 arm64: smp: Handle errors reported by the firmware e3d27b94111b arm64: mm: Prevent mismatched 52-bit VA support 57f3359cdabe ARM: dts: Fix hsi gdd range for omap4 9b1f6bde17d6 parisc: Fix HP SDC hpa address output d18f228f504e parisc: Fix serio address output 72a50a1e1c65 ARM: dts: imx53-voipac-dmm-668: Fix memory node duplication bf39f5b323eb ARM: dts: imx25: Fix memory node duplication d2eb50e57a5c ARM: dts: imx27: Fix memory node duplication 54750b6f6671 ARM: dts: imx1: Fix memory node duplication 6aeb6bd0eda6 ARM: dts: imx23: Fix memory node duplication 1694780bd4ca ARM: dts: imx50: Fix memory node duplication 2442b4c0f30a ARM: dts: imx6sl: Fix memory node duplication bae011f4c9a4 ARM: dts: imx6sx: Fix memory node duplication 0990926c9395 ARM: dts: imx6ul: Fix memory node duplication e021f0ccc4fa ARM: dts: imx7: Fix memory node duplication a90469345b26 ARM: dts: imx35: Fix memory node duplication 6bc1e695b4be ARM: dts: imx31: Fix memory node duplication ca02e14bdd7f ARM: dts: imx53: Fix memory node duplication 5a1e6f95733c ARM: dts: imx51: Fix memory node duplication 8c0c8c2a80b2 ARM: debug-imx: only define DEBUG_IMX_UART_PORT if needed dee3f7703207 tracing: Lock event_mutex before synth_event_mutex 67547b9b4660 ARM: dts: Fix up SQ201 flash access ee6d2bedb400 scsi: lpfc: Fix dif and first burst use in write commands 20feb7333049 scsi: lpfc: Fix kernel Oops due to null pring pointers a8c0f6334e56 scsi: target/tcmu: Fix queue_cmd_ring() declaration 480233f89d42 pwm: bcm-iproc: Prevent unloading the driver module while in use 27d22db4ccf1 block: drbd: remove a stray unlock in __drbd_send_protocol() 51a564498cfb mac80211: fix station inactive_time shortly after boot b707e0da2791 net/fq_impl: Switch to kvmalloc() for memory allocation a8a61f82cc9f ceph: return -EINVAL if given fsc mount option on kernel w/o support 0f716cda304b net: mscc: ocelot: fix __ocelot_rmw_ix prototype a30c6e424fdd net: bcmgenet: reapply manual settings to the PHY acd6a29134f0 net: bcmgenet: use RGMII loopback for MAC reset ff3f7465ee98 scripts/gdb: fix debugging modules compiled with hot/cold partitioning 22f4892950b2 ASoC: stm32: sai: add restriction on mmap support 3f034e6889e7 watchdog: meson: Fix the wrong value of left time 7302e7b10855 can: mcp251x: mcp251x_restart_work_handler(): Fix potential force_quit race condition 24e10fc2e0db can: flexcan: increase error counters if skb enqueueing via can_rx_offload_queue_sorted() fails ee7981538293 can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_fifo(): continue on error 5c8f5485614c can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_timestamp(): continue on error eca4b786f3bb can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): use ERR_PTR() to propagate error value in case of errors a85ce0107d6b can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): increment rx_fifo_errors on queue overflow or OOM b83d4e4899d6 can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): do not increase the skb_queue beyond skb_queue_len_max 77f94f0d7f52 can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_queue_tail(): fix error handling, avoid skb mem leak 66e21b7b9251 can: c_can: D_CAN: c_can_chip_config(): perform a sofware reset on open 7559e68ca91f can: peak_usb: report bus recovery as well c5b0bbef4367 bridge: ebtables: don't crash when using dnat target in output chains 2070b33ee987 net: fec: add missed clk_disable_unprepare in remove 28f34294442b clk: ti: clkctrl: Fix failed to enable error with double udelay timeout cb5a4049608c clk: ti: dra7-atl-clock: Remove ti_clk_add_alias call 1677a0e54937 x86/resctrl: Prevent NULL pointer dereference when reading mondata 8ef58b82d1e4 idr: Fix idr_alloc_u32 on 32-bit systems 88358c7610cc idr: Fix integer overflow in idr_for_each_entry a6359d5e2d98 powerpc/bpf: Fix tail call implementation 4665759af735 samples/bpf: fix build by setting HAVE_ATTR_TEST to zero 40c3b8fc47b3 ARM: dts: sun8i-a83t-tbs-a711: Fix WiFi resume from suspend 40017db20bfa clk: sunxi-ng: a80: fix the zero'ing of bits 16 and 18 49ade064ea4b clk: sunxi: Fix operator precedence in sunxi_divs_clk_setup 15fc2f3c64e7 clk: at91: avoid sleeping early 8885552a061b reset: fix reset_control_ops kerneldoc comment a94913c0c8cf ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sabreauto: Fix storm of accelerometer interrupts 5b15b1bf5428 pinctrl: cherryview: Allocate IRQ chip dynamic a0554203bc12 clk: samsung: exynos5420: Preserve PLL configuration during suspend/resume 80e28fa256c9 ASoC: kirkwood: fix device remove ordering 6a7472add344 ASoC: kirkwood: fix external clock probe defer a2c2cf16b059 clk: samsung: exynos5433: Fix error paths 9a5933aa1242 reset: Fix memory leak in reset_control_array_put() e8eb6233be9a ASoC: compress: fix unsigned integer overflow check 7971b7fd5623 ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix RX1 selection in RDAC2 MUX daa2c4030510 clocksource/drivers/mediatek: Fix error handling 9c65bb9518ea clk: meson: gxbb: let sar_adc_clk_div set the parent clock rate Signed-off-by: Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Anuj Mittal <anuj.mittal@intel.com>
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3 files changed, 17 insertions, 17 deletions
diff --git a/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-rt_4.19.bb b/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-rt_4.19.bb
index b6e0a1e9e2..93c4472316 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-rt_4.19.bb
+++ b/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-rt_4.19.bb
@@ -11,13 +11,13 @@ python () {
raise bb.parse.SkipRecipe("Set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel to linux-yocto-rt to enable it")
-SRCREV_machine ?= "2fbf678238302f33b3aec5a2cba829f260744f24"
-SRCREV_meta ?= "4f5d761316a9cf14605e5d0cc91b53c1b2e9dc6a"
+SRCREV_machine ?= "40e34fdcb540e35b1a97e8e52c11dfe52bd68b16"
+SRCREV_meta ?= "7cb520d405cd5ca8f21a333941fbc0861bbb36b0"
SRC_URI = "git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto.git;branch=${KBRANCH};name=machine \
-LINUX_VERSION ?= "4.19.87"
+LINUX_VERSION ?= "4.19.107"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=bbea815ee2795b2f4230826c0c6b8814"
diff --git a/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-tiny_4.19.bb b/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-tiny_4.19.bb
index e2626ab4c9..76b2467ef5 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-tiny_4.19.bb
+++ b/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-tiny_4.19.bb
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ KCONFIG_MODE = "--allnoconfig"
require recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto.inc
-LINUX_VERSION ?= "4.19.87"
+LINUX_VERSION ?= "4.19.107"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=bbea815ee2795b2f4230826c0c6b8814"
DEPENDS += "${@bb.utils.contains('ARCH', 'x86', 'elfutils-native', '', d)}"
@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ DEPENDS += "openssl-native util-linux-native"
KMETA = "kernel-meta"
-SRCREV_machine_qemuarm ?= "bd239fb802a15c2759ea456dd1f09f5e106fc88a"
-SRCREV_machine ?= "b44ad1b1e7c685e75b7788a026a2416edc2ee656"
-SRCREV_meta ?= "4f5d761316a9cf14605e5d0cc91b53c1b2e9dc6a"
+SRCREV_machine_qemuarm ?= "e2c947b59c650f2aa2f0f88d6af90f9dfb336e04"
+SRCREV_machine ?= "16ae5406361af8329b74580697cb738dadeb1ecb"
+SRCREV_meta ?= "7cb520d405cd5ca8f21a333941fbc0861bbb36b0"
diff --git a/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_4.19.bb b/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_4.19.bb
index c6e482a984..6e3b00e0e5 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_4.19.bb
+++ b/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_4.19.bb
@@ -11,22 +11,22 @@ KBRANCH_qemux86 ?= "v4.19/standard/base"
KBRANCH_qemux86-64 ?= "v4.19/standard/base"
KBRANCH_qemumips64 ?= "v4.19/standard/mti-malta64"
-SRCREV_machine_qemuarm ?= "19fa1657d1d82d01647c6f73a2bbf39305505294"
-SRCREV_machine_qemuarm64 ?= "b44ad1b1e7c685e75b7788a026a2416edc2ee656"
-SRCREV_machine_qemumips ?= "8fb7ab96b84852ee3d9e1d9d9e7bc35e1249b653"
-SRCREV_machine_qemuppc ?= "b44ad1b1e7c685e75b7788a026a2416edc2ee656"
-SRCREV_machine_qemux86 ?= "b44ad1b1e7c685e75b7788a026a2416edc2ee656"
-SRCREV_machine_qemux86-64 ?= "b44ad1b1e7c685e75b7788a026a2416edc2ee656"
-SRCREV_machine_qemumips64 ?= "c8a036abd7d469013dddab15a23e0d2dde1d0000"
-SRCREV_machine ?= "b44ad1b1e7c685e75b7788a026a2416edc2ee656"
-SRCREV_meta ?= "4f5d761316a9cf14605e5d0cc91b53c1b2e9dc6a"
+SRCREV_machine_qemuarm ?= "c8b87f4d12eb957d8a95442a928ef4820037bb55"
+SRCREV_machine_qemuarm64 ?= "16ae5406361af8329b74580697cb738dadeb1ecb"
+SRCREV_machine_qemumips ?= "94f102eaca76ffdcc3d47ea94b47486d7157c531"
+SRCREV_machine_qemuppc ?= "16ae5406361af8329b74580697cb738dadeb1ecb"
+SRCREV_machine_qemux86 ?= "16ae5406361af8329b74580697cb738dadeb1ecb"
+SRCREV_machine_qemux86-64 ?= "16ae5406361af8329b74580697cb738dadeb1ecb"
+SRCREV_machine_qemumips64 ?= "98288b7e79bc8130c2a889d763c9c1aa15ff4939"
+SRCREV_machine ?= "16ae5406361af8329b74580697cb738dadeb1ecb"
+SRCREV_meta ?= "7cb520d405cd5ca8f21a333941fbc0861bbb36b0"
SRC_URI = "git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto.git;name=machine;branch=${KBRANCH}; \
git://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-kernel-cache;type=kmeta;name=meta;branch=yocto-4.19;destsuffix=${KMETA} \
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=bbea815ee2795b2f4230826c0c6b8814"
-LINUX_VERSION ?= "4.19.87"
+LINUX_VERSION ?= "4.19.107"
DEPENDS += "${@bb.utils.contains('ARCH', 'x86', 'elfutils-native', '', d)}"
DEPENDS += "openssl-native util-linux-native"