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busybox: enable 'resize' in defconfigChenQi/busybox-resize
Previously, if we have 'bash' installed in our image, we would have the problem of long command rewriting on the same line which is really annoying. For example, we might get the following output. g commandx86:~# echo this is a very very very very long long long long lon In fact, we are just trying to execute: root@qemux86:~# echo this is a very very very very long long long long long command /etc/profile would execute '/usr/bin/resize' if it's available. We need this command so that we wouldn't get obscure output. The 'resize' command can be provided by 'xterm' (in meta-oe) or busybox. So we enable 'resize' in defconfig of busybox to make things work. Signed-off-by: Chen Qi <Qi.Chen@windriver.com>
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