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nativesdk/sdk: Update sdk dummy providers
When we migrated rpm v5 -> v4, we lost the ability to drop "per file" dependencies from the rpm backend for things like "/bin/bash" and "/usr/bin/env" which meant the sdks were becomming 'bloated'. This restores the functionality using a dummy package, similarly to the way the buildtools perl issue was addressed. It also removes the non-functional old code so as not to confuse people in future. I ran into this problem trying to filter dependencies to only rpms a build directly depends upon and it turns out we have some determinism issues in this area so this is something key to fix. Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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+DUMMYARCH = "sdk-provides-dummy-${SDKPKGSUFFIX}"
+# Add /bin/sh?
+ /bin/bash \
+ /usr/bin/env \
+ /usr/bin/perl \
+ pkgconfig \
+ \
+ \
+inherit nativesdk